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  1. *does a lil dance* uh huh oh yeah its my birthday! WHOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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  2. ummm im to excited to think tommorow maybe ill make a thread and let you guys decide the names
    thanks kob for the compliment!!
  3. so cute
  4. Name both of them 'Lizard'...
    That way they don't feel insulted when you can't tell who's who...
  5. ^^^
    lol that would be funny
  6. Those things are awesome!

    But what are they? And what're u gonna do with 'em?
  7. They are baby leopard gecko's and they are as cute as they can be!!!!!!!

    GOOD JOB!!

    (I miss my leopards!!!! :( )
  8. ^ rmjl is right they are baby leopard geckos..ummm bob and patrick sounds awesome consider im into spongebob lol. I think i might take them to the ky reptile show and sell them after they are a month old. however they are so cute i donno if i want to, rmjl if you want some more let me know because theres gonna be plenty more, have 16 in the incubator and 2 babys so far, however 6 of my 12 females are pregnaunt again. Thanks for all the compliments guys.

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