im a cheating bastard

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  1. my girlfriend and mother to my son was being snoopy and looked thru my phone and saw all the overly friendly messages i send to a few girls here and there. me being the lazy dumbass didnt put a password on teh phone nor did i erase the messages after i was finished.

    now these females i am in contact with have been former partners and we are still friends. but she doesnt think it that way. thats fine cuz yes i have cheated on her. but in no way was i ever looking for any kind of new emotional attatchment with those females.

    its pure desire, and not to say that i dont desire my current girlfriend, its just like being stuck eating the same hot pockets for lunch for the rest of your life. and occasionally you will want something different and new. not that you dont want to not ever have that original flavor its just i want to have fun with other people.

    but again like i said i dont put out any emotional part to it with them. i dont do it often but the text messages are just kinda like to keep me occupied while i am at work and such.

    she said she wanted to leave and take the kid. i didnt really say anything to anything she said. we talked about it before and everytime it comes up thats what i tell her. its nothing personal to her and its nothing im mad at, its just i would like to be more free to do what i want. i mean i support the shit out of her. i pay for her car and insurance and there have been months that we were only on my income and so im paying all the bills and so i feel like i have the right to make myself happy no matter with who and no matter how.

    i never plan on leaving her. i know that there are some women out there that are better matched for me and there are some that have said they would take me in a heart beat and i get super tempted but i dont because i love her and i want to be with her, its just i dont get why women dont have that same mentality. i have told her that i dont care if she takes an interest in some guy like at her work and such but she doesnt do anything.

    not completely true. she and our roommate did bump around together a few months back. but i didnt say anything about it and i told her thats fine, i wasnt there and so she went for him. big deal. i trust him as a friend and confidant and commrade and a geschtaffen. all that great shit. so i wasnt pissed. nor was i when i found out she and our neighbor who worked with her were messing around a few times.

    i dont want her to leave and i think she wont but if there is anyone else here who has similar dealings, let me know how you resolved this.

    i know its pretty dick of me, but i dont feel bad for doing it to her, but i feel bad for letting her find out.
  2. my friend told me one time about how he knew this old guy with like 3 kids that had 7 different girls he would regularly cheat with and he had them all saved as guys numbers in his phone and they all knew and were all really discrete. How fucking awesome would that be if you could pull that off?

    but that sucks man, would you rather her have your kid if you were to split up ever?
  3. ok quick question before i give my reply. Ure ok with ure girl messing around with other guys? define messing around; a simple smile and wave, a txt message, a hug, kiss, touching, oral, meaningless sex, hardcore u the ass.
    You may be wondering what does it matter but it does have a signifigance.
    (sorry for all the typos today super tired plus i dont really give that much a crap to go fix them as long as i acknoledge thier there)
  4. This one line here pretty much sums up your lack of character. You know it's wrong but you don't feel bad?

  5. hahah oldskool, I thought you'd be old enough to realize you don't have to point out everything. Fuck I'm 18 and I already know that cheaters will always be cheaters. I just pretend to be a player around guys, but then theirs actually the guys that would cheat on their girl friend/wife. hahah

  6. What can I say...when someone posts in a public forum they are inviting comments :D I just have no respect at all for cheaters.

    EDIT: It would be totally different if they had an open arrangement.
  7. dude, I could take it a lot further than that.

    This asshole wants an open arrangement and it sounds like his wife DOESN'T. That makes him even more of an asshole. I mean who am I to judge. I'm just putting my opinion out there.

    I don't usually do that unless I'm in a pissing fight with some one.
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    I agree with all these. I think it's sad you think there is nothing wrong with cheating even if its not "personal" to you, it's personal to her(your girl) then you do that personal and special act with some other girl? Thats a real dick move and a good way to loose your girlfriend.

    This is my opinion so yeah. Sleep around and disrespect your girlfriend some more, hope she finds someone better who will appreciate her.

    Edit: If you two both decide it is ok to sleep with other people then that is much different.
  9. You aren't ready for a serious relationship. For the sake of everyone involved, just let her go.
  10. Quick question- If you're OK with her fucking around, she should be fine with you. I'm in an open relationship myself, and let me tell you guys, it works fantastically. When you get bored, you go out with your friends, get shit faced and maybe fuck with no emotions involved you know? just a good time.

  11. If BOTH people want that, then that's fine. It's not an open relationship if only one person is down with the idea.
  12. How do you describe your relationship with her?
    If its an open relationship and neither of you have a problem with that, I don't see a problem at all.
  13. You broke the first and only rule.

    Rule 1. She cant find out.
  14. I was thinking the same thing, but it all goes back to maturity, life experience, and figuring yourself out first. Lots of growing up needs to be done in this situation. :smoke::(
  15. I've never cheated on a girl, and I never will. I couldn't imagine cheating, I'd feel like such a piece of shit.
  16. I just don't understand why your girlfriend isn't letting you off easier, since you found out about her fucking other guys on the side..
  17. Sucks mna. I guess you should have thought about that. You mentioned a kid in there, and in my opinion if there's a kid involved you need to straighten up and be a solid father figure.

    lol Shouldn't have gotten yourself caught.

  18. yes this is how i feel about it. ill try answer some questions here. for one, it started out as open, like i would tell her about some things going on, not go into the ooey gooey details and all cuz thats not somethings she needs to know. i never let her meet any of these other people. she just got snoopy and looked thru my phone a few times and she goes, so what are you and so and so doing tonight.

    then my natural reaction is to deny everything until im caught with my dick in her. to clarify why i dont feel bad about it is that im human, and for me in particular monogomy is not really for me. i mean i can live with someone and be with them emotionally and all but as for this little thing called sex, i just want to be free to see and do who i want.

    why i dont feel bad is that i dont get why sex is such a sacred thing. and so i expect her to be interested in other guys and if she is interested enough in them then i wouldnt be surprised if she does fool around with them.

    and to define messing around, i know that she gave her co worker a blowjob and he fingered her a bit. as for our roommate i know that just after she had the kid, she straight on fucked him. like real P in th V with nothing in between. she kinda likes anal so im sure that was involved too. but again i dont have an issue with that and it obviously hasnt dented any friendship between me and him, i mean we just moved into a house.

    but since sex isnt sacred to me then i dont expect nor should anyone expect me to hold out for just one person. sure there are somethings that i wouldnt do with just anyone. like i woulnt eat out another person, and i wouldnt let them do certain things with me. but thats because of a comfort level.

    but sex, to me, a human, an animal of nature, placed here by aliens, adapted to precambrian instincts, and as primative as one can get while still being able to walk and talk, want to have sex when i feel like it. and if someone happens to catch my eye because hey maybe her tits are bigger than the ones i have at home, then so fucking be it.

    maybe i feel like a big girl today. hell just the other day i put an ad on craigslist to see if i could find a deaf girl to fuck just cuz i was curious. not cuz i want to leave my woman and run off with someone else. its all a hunger and eventually we all have to eat. im not addicted to sex, i just like it and like to do it often.

    even if i found a girl that could fuck better than her, i still wouldnt leave. in fact i did find a better one in the sack. she was 10 years my senior has 2 kids and she squirts like a fucking fire hydrant. and thats hot. but i wouldnt just drop everything and be with her just cuz of that. there is no substance to that. at least none that i let develope because i never intended to let any start and therefore it never would have.

    and yes i did let her find out. i think i heard something a few years ago that if you get caught its cuz you wanted to get caught. well maybe i didnt want to but i sure did let it happen cuz i guess i didnt care. why didnt i care? probably cuz its not a big deal to me. sex isnt a reason to get all frustrated with anyone. unless they arent putting out.

    i think in the 3 years years that i have been with her i have been with like 6 girls. she has been with 2 guys. as far as i can remember. and i dont recall cuz its not important to me. all i care about is that the bills get paid and the kid is cared for. after that i dont care what anyone does.

  19. then you just need ta sit down, without cha boy and ya ma and have a serious adult-to-adult discussion man.

    if she's think bout bouncin with the boy cus you're not payin attention to her or sommat like, slap a bitch. fa reel. to involve a child in some petty vindictive shit like that is just completely obtuse.

    she's just stressin, man. she probably just feels like she's not gettin enough attention or the right KIND of attention, ya dig? In this situation, and i can so easy from how you're talkin about it, you're think about Y.O.U.

    and that's not a bad thing, son. But you need to accept that people are people and sometimes you just need to get things right with others before you can start making your own wants work.

    you don't have to tell her anything that isn't true, you sound like you still love this girl enough, but you've gotta get her to believe that before she just wont believe it at all....
  20. what i dont understand is her going off blowing guys at work and getting drilled by your buddy and then she has the unmittigated audacity to bitch over a few text messages? is she outta her damn mind? she can cheat whenever she wants with clearly whoever she wants and you aint even allowed to look at another girl? somthins twisted here. im on your side of this one dude.

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