I'm 24 and never had a gf

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  1. Or kissed a girl :(

    I'm so sad and lonely..Don't play World of Warcraft, it screws up your life. True Story.
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  3. the title isnt that bad but damn bro youve never even kissed a girl?

    how do you live like that man im pretty sure its not healthy you should go out there and get more physical..as long as youre not hella pushy or anything the girls arent gonna think youre some horndog or something

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    Dont feel too bad though OP....Im 24 and still dont have a car....
  5. Get with an older chick that can teach you everything. Yeaa

    Don't tell girls that. Ever. If they don't know they'll just assume that you're a bad kisser. Once they fuck you they'll think you have no skills in the bed. BUT they won't know that its because you've never done anything.
  6. Prostitute time

  7. yeah OP theyll think theres something wrong with you, and theyll tell their friends..which is no good.
  8. Dont feel bad about that. When you would want GF you would go for some, you just dont want any. 24 no GF is not that bad yet.
  9. Just decreases your chances of having a child before your ready, nothing wrong with that. Although it's not common, when your out of high school all that stuff really doesn't matter that much
  10. theres still hope op now go get your chloroform ready.
  11. I have indeed been laid before. Couple times by 3 different girls. Most recent was a year and a half ago..IT WAS SUCH A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE.

    I knew her from middle school she was crushing on me but I paid no attention to her..Fast forward 8 years and we have kept in touch over aim randomly then one night I smoked a blunt (I always get really horny when I smoke) and she messaged me and I was like "hey if I come over will you give me some" shes like k, I call my friend and beg him to give me a ride, then when I get there I notice her sitting out on the porch we drive into her driveway and I notice shes around 400lbs..Literally double if not triple my size..She took up half the swing. I was like OH GOD WTF happened to her. Friend starts busting out laughing..so im like well its too late to turn around and im like fuck it - its all the same when the lights go out.

    I went inside and we go straight to a spare bedroom with a tiny hard mattress on the ground..just the matress..I was sitting down and she was standing up and took off her panties. Next thing I know I got hit with the foulest odor I have ever smelt. At this point I couldn't even get a hardon..But she laid on her back and I just randomly poked in the same vicinity of her vagina and it went in..It was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. But then again I was at like a 25% chub. I told her it was due to painpills. Then I was like "let me get you from behind" bend her over and notice theres tiny tiny balls of crap colored toilet paper around her butt..I got sick to my stomach..Fortunately I finished up..Come to find out I was only in her house for 4 minutes.

    But thats not the worst part, worst part is I didn't use a condom because she was allergic to latex. She told me she was infertile and couldn't have kids due to health problems and what not (probably carrying the fat percentage of a whale on her) so im like k..After getting home I told someone she knows and that person informed me that shes been passed around like a doorknob. Then I got worried about STD's. Which makes sense because fat girls know that the only way they can get guys to pay attention to them is basically by being a huge slut. Once I got home thou and talked to that person I immediately got into the shower and proceeded to wash my sticky smelly peen off 4 times with anti bacterial hand soap...then I took it one step further by using rubbing alcohol on it..Probably the worst mistake I have ever done in my entire life.

    I still haven't been tested...........

    That was a true story..and not even remotely exaggerated :(
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    Duuude, when you guys pulled up and you saw she was like 400 ibs you shoulda been like drive man drive! You would've been better off, rofl.

    You also made a mistake taking her word that she was infertile. Even if she isn't lying I wouldn't trust that she knew for sure.
  13. My apologies, but that is quite humorous.

  14. And there you go.

    Moral of the story,
    there is always someone who has it worse than you.
  15. I'm on the same boat as you OP but I couldn't care less. I'm trying to become the world's oldest kissless virgin to make history.

  16. How old are you now anyways?
  17. I just want someone to cuddle up to at night that isn't a cow. To take showers with and bend them over against the wall and insert my mighty woman pleaser. For someone to give me head while im stuck in a 6 hour raid hoping my bow drops (it never does)..I don't think im asking for too much :S

    Question is, wouldn't a girl be interested in a somewhat normal guy thats never had one? Wouldn't she feel sorry for me and possibly pity sex?

  18. 19, Its gonna be a loooong time before I make history. Oh well being patient will pay off.

  19. Dude you're only 19 and you're trippin' about being a virgin? come back if you're 25 and still a virgin lol. Until then don't let your lack of experience discourage you, it's a catch 22

  20. Fuckin FO REAL.

    Fat bitches are a deal breaker. Could not, would not, NO.


    you should definitely get yourself checked before you begin prospecting future sexual relations..

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