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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Solar Being, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. im a huge fan of gaga, if i were to ever meet her i would ask her why she uses these devil-illuminati symbols.

    i understand she does a lot of what she does for art and show, but why always the eye?

    & shes not as much "illminati" as she used to be.. and im sure no devil worshiper would write a song about being born this way and loving urself. Idk i just think the industry is fucking with us..:eek:

  2. She's probably not a devil worshiper at all, she may not even know what her hand gestures even mean. She's just a puppet, she's told how to act and what to say. She's probably a nice person, she just got sucked into something she can't get out of.
  3. i think humans are too retarded to actually create and keep secret something like the illuminati for hundreds of years. sounds like a great idea on paper though
  4. Hm,. I believe, civilians who are being fed endless bullshit, stereotypes, prejudices, impatience and more... are the ones who wouldnt be able to keep a secret.

    And about far fetched.. look at bloods and crips, they have gang signs in their dancing. What would makes you think you cannot combine the two?

    I'm just saying people should wake up, atleast a little, and open yourself up for possibilities that perhaps for you aren't probable.

    Isn't all this coincidence enough proof that; where theres smoke, theres fire?

  5. I do believe that gang sign are expressed through dancing, but in that video it said: "Signs that only the Illuminati can understand". You could say this to any dancing video out there.
    I'm open minded and do believe in some conspiracies, i'm just very skeptical because there is a lot that is wrongly interpreted.
  6. That video I found wasn't the greatest, my fault. A better and more in-depth explanation is actually apart of the video in OP. I couldn't take the time to find where right now, but its towards the end of the movie.

    But those shuffles and pelvic thrusts actually do mean something
  7. Okay I watched the whole movie..

    First of all I believe in the Illuminati. Secondly, this video was a 2 hour long advertisement for Islam and condemnation of western/american mainstream culture. Thirdly, there were countless claims in this video that they did not back up with evidence. That is all.

  8. Thriller

  9. if you look at anything long and hard enough you can pick it apart and believe it to be what ever you want, who knows some of the jay-z and gaga shit may hold water, but that MJ vid was just 100 percent dumb and laughable. im not being a dick im just saying it starts to get pretty damn nutty at the MJ shit lol
  10. There is alot of evidence about secret societies and the illuminati and i believe certain things and others are complete bullshit, what takes real skill is splicing all the facts and ideas that matter together to reveal the big picture. Which i haven't been able to do lol
  11. You will, and you won't sleep all night.
  12. Very true. People need to stop living in a moral middle ground, and they certainly need to stop assuming everyone else operates within these parameters. There are good and evil forces in this world and they are very easily recognizable when you start to look for them.

  13. This, been on a sleeping pill for a while. Its like going through everything you know and finding out most of it was a lie. Then finding out where everything is headed and knowing there's little to nothing you can do about. So then all you can do is sit back and watch your loved ones waste away...

    The only hope is if god, Jehovah, is actually real. Even though I'm not exactly a believer I'm been reading the bible and most of the prophecies have come true.

    For those who don't know, these are the things the bible says will happen before the great tribulation.

    1. Earthquakes
    2. Famine
    3. Disease
    4. Lack of Natural Love
    5. Ruining of the Earth
    6. A global preaching work

    You could say these things have existed since the beginning, but one really stands out. "Lack of Natural Love" I'd say this is the most recent, the average person morals are a lot worse than previous generations.

    Hopefully the big man is real, if not we're fucked.

    Also here's a video I found released June 28th, 2011. It really makes me respect Bow Wow a lot. He's pretty much putting his life in danger at this point.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QS3yqxvAC3Y]YouTube - ‪Unreleased Video Bow wow "Sell My Soul"‬‏[/ame]
  14. Man the precursors of every religions apocalypse have started happening since i was a kid lol coincidence?
  15. Would someone care to explain to me how the idea of the Illuminati isn't some sort of propaganda b.s. pushed by a fundamental Christian group such as the Westboro Baptist Church? Because from reading this description alone, that's exactly what it sounds like to me. It seems like nationalist, anti-socialist, anti-gay ("abolishment of marriage"), religious narratives all blended into one.
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    Big respect to him. Seems like every fake rapper wants to be hard except when it actually matters.

    I'm sure the Illuminati want this revolution as badly as us. The only thing is we know their deceptive ways now, and we will always be looking for it, always. Plus they will never abolish organized religion, I think we will come to find that the worse things get, the more people will start turning to god.
  17. Wow I just started watching the video that Noflame posted and I'm creeped out as fuck now, when they showed the Baphomet in Rihanna's music video I was shocked because water wouldn't flow like that based on her movement.

  18. They sold their souls! Nooooooooooo!!!!

  19. My troll sense in tingling, but yes they did figuratively sell there souls when they sign that record label contract.

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