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  1. [ame=]YouTube - ‪Illuminati - The Music Industry Exposed [Full Length]‬‏[/ame]

    Watched that movie for the first time today and I must say it really did make me think. I always sensed something fishy about Music industry and media in general but the movie seems to connect all the dots.

    I don't believe in a god or a devil but I do think the Illuminati exists. There's just to much evidence supporting that it does. What it comes down to is that there are crazy people out there that hold an awful lot of power at there disposal. Whether god and the devil are real or not is irrelevant at this point. The Illuminati have course already planned for this world. Humans are too impressionable and often dumb, so fooling most of society wasn't a hard task. Virtually every superstar you see on television or in the media has ties with the Illuminati.

    So I'm pretty crazy right?
  2. Yup the illuminati is real, but the stupid people of the world we live in are too ignorant to realize the truth..
  3. Could be true. But I hope not
  4. Oh I also see your tag.. You listen to odd future wolf gang kill them all?
  5. [ame=]YouTube - ‪Kid Cudi - 2 Be Continuum - Perfect is the Word‬‏[/ame]

    kid cudi exposes the truth
  6. Yeah, I'm hoping they never get caught up with the Illuminati.
  7. funny ass video
  8. the song is finally out..

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius - Perfect Is The Word (Full HD)‬‏[/ame]
  9. Yeah I hope they dont either but all major musicians get caught up in it eventually... also kid cudi is fucking dope.... If you want to want to free your mind get high and listen to lupe fiasco that dude is the truth...
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    Cudder lost himself, I still bump his old stuff though.

    I noticed your sig says Taylor Gang in do know that Wiz Khalifa is one the Illuminati's puppets now also right?

    When an artist sells out, that usually means the Illuminati had something to do with it.

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪Wiz Khalifa 'Roll Up' Illuminati‬‏[/ame]

    Remember that song he blew up with? Black & Yellow, that was when he sold his soul.

  11. Yeah I only listen to the old cudi too.. But this signature is from a loooong time ago when no one knew who wiz khalifa was lol... Ive been meaning to change it.
    In the black and yellow video you can see a kid with a baphomet shirt on and now he has a baphomet ring... SUSPICIOUS
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    How come her family and friends hasnt said anything about lady gaga acting different.
  13. Yes the illuminati is probably real, but I don't believe in Hell or the devil. So even If the subliminal messaging is there, It does nothing to upset me. I don't even know what the fuck they plan to accomplish but it kinda seems pointless.
  14. All this shit is so fucked up to me. Like I said I knew something was going on, but this is all just a little to much.

    It all goes back to the Rockefeller and Rothschild families being tied to the same bloodline. Our first 42 presidents were all from the same bloodline, is that just a coincidence?
  15. Couldn't stop laughing at the original video. Channeling negative energy, worshiping the devil hahahaha.
  16. Yeah I agree, the religious part of it is stupid, but you can't deny their influence on our society.
  17. before i go i want to share this with you
    [ame=]YouTube - ‪The Illuminati Game: (The future on cards)‬‏[/ame]

  18. why only believe half the video? the info doesnt just stop at religion or belief, it keeps going. satan is what this all has to do with.

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