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  1. Crazy shit dude, watch while stoned to get the whole jest of it.

    [ame=]YouTube - The Illuminati and the New World Order[/ame]
  2. [​IMG]

    theyre coming
  3. SHUN THE NON BELIEVER, SHUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously if your just starting your quest for truth be careful when researching; there is a lot of disinformation mixed in with truth to discredit it.
  4. isnt angels and demons based on this?
  5. I want to be a wannabe mod!!!
    This goes in the videos thread!!
  6. i recently came across a website called

    has a lot of Illuminati related articles, worth checking out if you're into this stuff
  7. There is no Illuminati.
  8. :O just all of you wait!
  9. There is no Illuminati in a way most people would comprehend. I will say no more, but am I trying to sound wise, or do I have an incentive to keep my mouth shut?

  10. as a member of the illuminati i have to agree with VS on this one. we don't exist.

  11. And we do not hold our meetings at Four Seasons.
  12. and shuffleboard night with the freemasons has NOT been moved to wednesdays
  13. Are you coming to 40 oz friday?, I Think we're inviting Tupac should be tight.

    Reppin that Illuminati hard

  14. QTF: There is no Illuminati!
  15. Hampton Inn, bitches. They have the little waffle maker for the continental breakfast FUCKING AWESOME :eek:
  16. Spell illuminati backwards and add a .com to the end.
  18. Yep.

    Now put it in your address bar and hit go.
  19. awe WTF nsa? did that just log my IP or somthing lol.

  20. idk sounds sketchy

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