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  1. New Song "Fuck Illuminati" Off My Latest Mixtape "The Huntsville Chronicles (THC)" SHANEBOSS & KGZ! Free Download @ I would greatly appreciate it a lot! If You Enjoy Our Music Please Share With Your Friendz! Only the fans can help us push out the fake artist in the industry and bring in the real! Time For A Revolution! 

  2. bump! give it a listen!
  3. I can't listen, I've lost my tinfoil hat...
  4. @[member="2Pac"] Whats that suppose to mean?
  5. [quote name="BossDre" post="19359760" timestamp="1389997924"]@[member="2Pac"] Whats that suppose to mean?[/quote]I think he's implying that he doesn't dig conspiracy theory rap.
  6. they're gonna kill you in your sleep in 4 days. 
  7. Willie Mays?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  9. Well if you actually listen it isn't a conspiracy theory rap haha go check out the mixtape and find out what its all about The Huntsville Chronicles: THC! 
  10. ??
  11. Ya We Killing That Shit but you simple minded internet geeks jus don't understand. BC if you knew then you would also know that its a 2 chainz beat & we made that song because it was funny we saw an interview saying he joined the illuminati thats how he ending up coming up these past couple years when he was already & shitty background rapper! Do some research! in the song did i say illuminati is real? no we saying fuck illuminati just like i say fuck whoever don't fuck with us! 
  12. I'm simple minded because I don't believe in something with very little evidence, and mostly speculation, so I think it's bizarre to make an entire song about it with it's name? Good advertising for your music though, post it online and call people 'simple minded' and assume they're 'geeks' because they don't like a specific song lmfao. Whatever bro. Your shit sucks. So does 2 Chainz.
  13. Illuminati? = American government. It's not even a secret they own the world and all major world currency's.
  14. Fuck illuminati
    Racks all in my audi
    Fucked your bitch for an hour and i ate her out with wasabi
    Bad hoes in the lobby
    Fat hoes in the lobby
    Medusa on my sweater
    100 stacks in the dresser

    Get me on this remix dawg im racked up
  15. nigga you saying fuck the illuminati and using a 2chainz beat
  16. no shit bc if you watched an interview with 2chainz talking bout how he supposedly "joined the illuminati" so my homie was listen to that beat and came up with the hook so we ripped the verse. wrote this song in 2012. 
    @[member="2Pac"] if i suck so much lets see what you got?? Your just the classic forum lurker that does nothing to try and improve your life then lurk off your moms internet! 

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