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  1. Is recreational use of pot legal in Illinois, and if so what are the laws on it?
  2. Nope not yet. Hopefully soon tho
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  3. Just decriminalized to 10grams possession is a ticket. Cultivation of 1-5 plants is just a misdemeanor. Medical usage is legal
  4. so if i have less than 10g im ok?
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  5. Yeah if you get caught up to 10gs is up to 200$ ticket. You wont goto jail. If its 10g-30gs its a class a misdemeanor and youll most likely goto jail and get court supervison. Class a misdemeanor for up to 5 plants. Id say its worth the risk to grow:) if you can keep it on the low lol
  6. upt o 5 plants misdemeanor, It would probably be safer to grow and keep your mouth shut about it.

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