Illinois Senate passes medical marijuana bill 30-28!

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  1. I received this blog email about an hour ago... I haven't seen anything posted about it on the MPP home, I figured I'd post it here. Enjoy, and let's continue to fight for the reform of cannabis laws in the midwest. We missourian's should start pushing even hard for the furtherance of our own legislation.

    Illinois Senate passes medical marijuana bill 30-28!

    Moments ago, the Illinois Senate passed the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, also known as SB 1381, by a vote of 30-28. SB 1381 would allow seriously ill patients with diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS, and multiple sclerosis to use marijuana if recommended by their doctor. If this legislation becomes law, patients with a state-issued ID card would be allowed to possess up to six plants and 2 ounces of usable marijuana.
    Many thanks to everyone who helped make this victory possible, including the thousands of you who contacted your legislators in support of this legislation and those of you who generously donated. Special thanks are in order for the brave patients like Julie Falco, Lucie Macfarlane, and Lisa Lange Van Camp who have spoken out and worked tirelessly advocating for this legislation.
    While this is a tremendous step forward, our work is not done. SB 1381 now moves to the House for consideration, where the Human Services Committee approved a companion bill in March.
    Here are a couple of things you can do to help keep SB 1381 moving forward:

    The Marijuana Policy Project thanks you for your support and all that you have done to help forward this legislation. Because of people like you, patients like these may no longer have to live in fear of arrest for using a medicine that works for them. Please forward this alert along to other Illinoisans who might also be interested in putting an end to the criminalization of our sick and dying.
    Nathan Miller
    Legislative Analyst
    Marijuana Policy Project
  2. awesome!!! Good for us in IL
  3. oh glorious day!! :hello:
  4. slowly but surely. it's just a matter of time, keep up the good work.
  5. Fuck YES!!! i have been waitin for this for like 3 weeks, and im baked right now and finding this out made me sooo haappy.!

  6. You're not the only one man, this is splendid news for the midwest. Even if this isn't made into a law, it will spark a surge of media into the topic, thus spreading the ever growing roots of reformation. This will make a great sprouting point for new laws and social outlooks on cannabis in our part of the country. :hello:
  7. Wait so there will be MMJ in my hometown now? :eek::eek::eek::devious:

  8. It must be approved by the house first, afterwords, yes.
  9. Hell yeah! This is great news!

    Does anyone know the next time the house is in session? Post any updates if you guys hear anything!

  10. :yay::bongin::love::yummy:
  11. I'm stoked for you guys out in Illinois. Hopefully NY passes MMJ soon!
  12. Wait a second, from what I know about government, if this bill passes in the house, then it needs to be signed by the governor correct?

    Of course one would assume that if the house and senate pass a bill, it's obviously a decent bill.
  13. You know almost all of those 28 votes against the bill were probably people who have taken money from the pharmaceutical companies. They are really the main reason why we are having such a hard time getting full legalization.
  14. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  15. Don't you just love corruption? :rolleyes:
  16. Good for you Illinois hopeful in Mass for some MMJ but it will take time.
  17. it is happening! :hello: keep bugging these people. If you haven't been annyoing your congress person about weed, you have to start. My friends and I have been bugging the shit out of that guy with real arguments for months. :smoking: ass

  18. bro, im in michigan and im hearin ya! heres to cheaper dank prices!!
  19. yeah! got another one. :hello:

    Evil :smoke:

  20. It's so much more altruistic than just 'cheaper dank' man... But it's always good to have a condition alleviated through MMJ. :smoking:

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