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  1. might sound dumb but i duno...if u where like 16 and u got caught with a pipe could u get arrested?fined? what would happen to you? in the city of chicago....
  2. i think they find pot residue and charge you with that
  3. go to and check your rights.....i believe people in illoni get sucky laws
  4. I know where i live as long as it doesnt smell like bud or hasnt been used yet, and if the cop asks me if i have anything like a pipe on me and i dont lie then its not a problem...(gives you an extra incentive to clean your pieces more often)
  5. if there is resin in a pipe, then obviously it is considered drug contraband. in some states they can actually scrape the pipe and charge you with posession of the weight of the resin, too ~ but here in california if all you have is a bowl and you're a cooperative adult (they DO bust minors), some cops might just take it from you and let you go. is a good reference point for knowing your rights. keep up to date on them if you plan on travelling in public places with pipes/weed on ya!

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