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    I don't know if I've talked about this before, but I'll give it another thread cause I'm bored. This may come as a surprise to some of you that know me as a hyper-conservative, but I'm actually very "supportive" of illegal immigrants. I totally get their cause. I mean, most of them are just looking for a way to better their lives, and I think it's sort of fascist to deny them that simply because you were lucky enough to born on "our" plot of soil and they weren't. :/

    Pro-Freedom: I support Illegal Immigrants. | Facebook

    Here's a facebook group I made a while back. lol, you can tell how many people share my opinion.

    Now then, don't get me wrong. It's not that I support people ignoring our laws. I just support what they're striving for. I'm an advocate of easier immigration i guess, I dunno.

    What about you guys? Agree or disagree?

    Edit: Haha, that O'Reilly video gets me every time I watch it... soooo funny...
  2. Yup, this would work.

    Yup, it is that fucking hard to do.

    Yup, that is in fact because our Government is in charge of doing it.

    And for the OP, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most people are not against anyone wanting to better themselves. What most are against are those who choose to come here illegally and remain illegal and then act shocked/surprised/appalled/pissed/violent when we come around actually looking to enforce the law that they knew all along they were/are breaking.

    People aren't mad at immigration. They're mad at criminals, which is basically what an illegal immigrant is. Do you part to become a legal citizen, learn the English language, and pay your fair share of taxes, problem solved.
  3. I understand what your saying. Yes, illegal immigrants come to America to make a better life for themselves. However, as americans we have to be put our interests first not those of other countries.

    Here is how I would deal with the whole illegal immigration issue:

    1) Change the immigration process. Right, now the process for being able to immigrate into america is random. I would adopt the same approach Australia has; based on merit. If an applicant has a unique skill, advanced degree, speaks English or possesses a combination of desirable traits then they should be allowed to immigrate over. However, if they don't then they shouldn't be allowed in. Plain and simple. If America adopts this approach then you will never read another headline saying college professor deported, because that person would've been allowed in legally in.

    2) Examine all the current illegal immigrants and either kick them out ASAP or grant the citizenship. If they have managed to build a good living for themselves in America and have not broken any laws, then give them citizenship. Stop forcing them to worry about a law they broke way back when. If however, they don't have a job, live off welfare, have a criminal record: kick them the fuck out.

    3) Get Mexico to cooperate. Tell mexico that they can forget about any loans from our government unless they control thier border better and jail all the illegal immigrants we send back.

  4. I do agree with your points here, but it has one major flaw. Your proposal includes far too much common sense, which is exactly why it will never happen when you consider that the US Government is in charge of making it happen. There are also other external factors in play (like getting Mexico to "cooperate") that will likely prove impossible to tackle. Besides, with all the manufacturing trade we do with Mexico, I really start to wonder sometimes who has who over a barrel there...

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