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Illadelph procing

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by jcabral3, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. I'm buying this off a friend with case and a buncha shit you blades feel like she's worth 600$?

  2. What other shit? And that illa looks like it rips.. Got a similar one
  3. $600???? Not a chance man! I wouldn't pay more than $100 for that thing used, and even $100 is a bit much for used.
  4. Think it's just an extra bowl and some cleaner I was mistaken , he says he payed 800 for it but I ain't no illy expert
  5. It's just a beaker with a nice ash catcher man. If you need to have the illy name, then go for it...but before you spend $600 on that remember that you could find pretty much any glass beaker that will function the same with a nice ash catcher for less than half the price.
  6. Wood grain label is sexy... but that seems high, even for illy, which there are way better things for your money than illadelph.
  7. I'm selling 2 other bongs I have anyways so I just thought of treating myself to something nice y'know

  8. But if you're down to drop $600 on a piece, why not get yourself a brand spankin' new one? Why would you want a used piece that's not even at a discounted price.
  9. I feel you, but for $600 you can get something A LOT nicer than just a beaker is what I'm saying. Don't get me wrong....illadelph is a great company that does great work, but they overcharge the SHIT out of their simple pieces.
  10. [quote name='"Weasel King"']$600???? Not a chance man! I wouldn't pay more than $100 for that thing used, and even $100 is a bit much for used.[/quote]

    Lol you simply dont know what your saying.. That glass is worth atleast 350-400$

    Wouldnt pay 600$ for it tho OP! Look into a goldstein
  11. forget that, go get yourself a nice sov. or two for 600 lolol geez.

  12. The name "might" be worth that, but the glass itself is not worth anything near that. It's just a plain beaker.
  13. I'd say its definitely not worth that much. You could get something so much better for less. I'm not a fan of Illadelph anyway . . . they are all way overpriced IMO. Don't care for RooR either. I'm not denying that their craftsmanship is very good and it is very high quality glass, I just don't see the appeal of a plain tube going for so much.
  14. That's the price range I thought too.

    For 600 that's a terrible deal
  15. Id pay tree fitty no more no less yo
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    Illadelph requires all glass-blowers employed to have years of scientific glass-blowing experience. So no, it is not just a beaker shaped vessel that someone was able to blow out of boro. It is an actual erlenmeyer flask when it all boils down to it, and yes, you're also paying for the name, and the cost of distribution... I wouldn't pay $600, I'd pay $450ish MAYBE if he cleans it out and its completely spotless clean with no scratches or knicks...
  17. I'd pay 400 at most they are like 650 new lol
  18. i had the medium sized beaker (pretty sure that yours is a baby beaker) and it was the camo label with 7mm glass. was $389 brand new. woodgrain is usually 9mm so it was probably similar in price new. Than that illadelph upstem ac is maybe 200-300. So your not getting a deal at all. Buy a new one for like $280 or unless you want the thicker glass $350-400. Don't get that ac, it'll give you so much drag its not worth it. Beaker hits real nice with the vertical slit downstem but i had a Alex K showerhead which was a good setup. I just ordered a Platinum Label Medium Straight Shot for $261 with a discount (original tag was $290).

    check out
    they have Illadelph Coil Condensors for like $750 if thats in your range as well but i hear they aren't worth it.

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