Illadelph Bubbler Slide Size

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    Hey, I have the Illadelph bubbler in green and I was considering the purchase of a hot hit slide. My slide that came with the piece is a 14mm slide but I was wondering if I could get a 18mm hot hit slide? Is it just a matter of increased airflow between the 14mm and 18mm size slides? Also, if anybody knows where I could find a Illadelph stackable disc ash catcher in green or the hot hit set in green (2 rods, stand, slide, illadelph box) that would ship that would be fantastic. Thanks. 

  2. You can buy an 18mm slide, but chances are you'll need an adapter to attach the 18mm slide to your 14mm piece. I don't know much about illadelph's bubblers, but chances are the adapter might make the piece visually intrusive. Your decision, but 14 to 18 mil adapters usually take up a lot of space. Good luck dude!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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