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I'll reverse the question, for better results

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by scottytokepotty, May 3, 2011.

  1. How often are you sober? I'm sober right now, and the typical day consists of me being high for about half of the day, possibly more or less.

    What do you stay sober for?
  2. i stay sober for court,family events,and when the PO comes to visit.
  3. when i wake up to anywhere between 5 minutes and 6 hours every day..
  4. I am sober probably 16-18 hours out of 24
  5. Normally all day, except before bed, for an hour or 2, sometimes during the day if I'm free/with friends, and sometimes on weekends, depending on what I'm doing. I stay sober for school, and anything that involves being with non-smokers =p

  6. Most of this thread so far? Do you toke up before going to sleep let it drift you off?
  7. if i'm having a hard time falling asleep a bowl and a some tv certainly helps
  8. I'm sober practically all of the time.

    I have these things called "responsibilites" and "priorities", getting high isn't one of them.

    Maybe in a couple months i will start smoking again.
  9. high for about half the day for 3 weeks. now i am sober for the first day, plan on taking a week off.
  10. not high to often usually a few hours maybe smoke at night after the day to chill out sometimes in the morning cause i have bad nausea when i wake up so this way i can eat lol

  11. Good luck, sir. It's not very difficult, but it has some ups and downs.
  12. meh depends, i usually smoke about 2 hours after waking up, and then bowls throughout the day, i take a couple weeks off every couple months or so

  13. Why do you take those weeks off?
  14. Now that there's a few responses, I'll answer it as well.

    I'm in college, and have a job as well. Whenever I have large gaps of free time, I toke up and relax with a game of NBA 2K or GTA, or watch a movie. It's my time to really chill and relax.

    I also toke up with friends if we're going somewhere after hours when I never work or go to class.
  15. When I have the marijuana to smoke I am basically always high, from like smoking 5 minutes after getting up to the end of my day.

  16. Approximately the same as you, half the day is spent high no matter what im doing the other half.
  17. I'm not ever sober. Maybe an hour here or there every few days, but not really.

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