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  1. Word.
  2. Hey that really cool make a fundamental attribution error and put it in a comic strip, someone's a genius.:rolleyes:
  3. I don't see how it is acceptable that a woman can have the choice to not be part of the upbringing of a child, but a man can't. Obviously, the actual termination of the child should not be the father's to decide (after all, it is part of the woman's body), but there should be a way for a father to opt out of the responsibility of having to care for and support a child before it is born.
  4. Whoever leaves there child a bad parent. The mums bad, the dads bad.
  5. Unless an abortion is actually needed, I have no respect for any woman who has had an abortion. They dont deserve life in my eyes. They are on the lowest tier of life

  6. [​IMG]
  7. pro choice for life. Id rather be raised by someone ready to have a child and be ready for the responsibility that having a child brings. MOST (not all,most) of my friends who were born when their parents were really young and still acting like young adults, got into bullshit and trouble from the get go which for the most part is a direct correlation of being raised by people not ready for parenthood. IMO end it before anything happens instead of raising another child through the DOC. of course this is NOT every case, but from my experience this happens alot.
  8. [quote name='"mushroomsatsuji"']Unless an abortion is actually needed, I have no respect for any woman who has had an abortion. They dont deserve life in my eyes. They are on the lowest tier of life[/quote]

    There's 7 billion people on this planet bro, abortion is just population control
  9. So is a nuclear bomb.

  10. You mean you are younger than me, 'cause your number is greater...

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  11. You don't believe in any circumstances other than for the mother's health? Like what about rape? Idk.. I think men shouldn't even discuss/legislate abortion. Leave it to the women, if a girl wants to put that on her conscience then who am I to say she can't?

  12. I'm 21 so i guess so :p
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    That's a double serve of pork fried SNAP. Using it!

    So tempting....To DOS person insulting without knowledge....but....love.....grasscity
  14. You're a girl arent you
  15. Thought it was gonna be funnier
  16. To avoid both scenarios depicted in this cartoon, I offer a few points for consideration:

    - There are many safe and mutually satisfying varieties of sex that do not carry the possibility of pregnancy. Learn them, master them, and enjoy a long and legendary sex life.

    - Maturely discuss the topic of pregnancy with your partner. Make sure you are on the same page before contact that may result in that possibility.

    - Abstain from vaginal intercourse while intoxicated.

    - Always use protection. If you do not know how to put on a condom, please watch this video:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11LFPWyghy8]How To Put On A Condom - YouTube[/ame]
  17. I had an aunt that had a boy(cousin) then her next baby girl, she gave it to someone for $300.. She's kaniving as well..bitch.

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