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  1. So there are definitely cries of antisemitism against her, but after taking a quick scroll of her Twitter, it seems one in four tweets has something to do with being inclusive of Jews and harmony between Muslims and Jews.

    Is it something I'm missing or is the antisemitism just straight up right wing propaganda?
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  2. Straight up right wing propaganda and hate.
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  4. Criticism of Israel or it's influence on the government of the US is not antisemitism.
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  6. it is according to the ADL
  7. The ADL are a joke, they're offended by just about anything.
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  8. Criticism of communism and it's socialist influence on U.S. government isn't hate speech, either.
    Secure borders and merited immigration is not racism, either.
    She is from Somalia. Her only purpose for making the trip to Israel with Tlaib was to stir up some shit. That's why it was nipped in the bud. When Israel extended the benefit of doubt to Tlaib, she proved it wasn't just a social visit. Both of them have been fully exposed. Most likely the reason for deleting tweets. I don't believe you don't see that.
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  9. I think it's greatly exaggerated; regardless of faction, there is always incentive to paint the ideological opponent as worse than they are.

    I saw a different thread where you were arguing for Trump's financial success (ten small failures and one big success makes a good businessman) in the face of completely delusional anti-Trumpers who will defy reality in order to satisfy a need to hate.

    That said, the Muslim world does not harbor love for Judaism. If you examine majority Muslim views on Jews, what Islamic migration into European countries has done to local Jewish populations, and what has happened to Jewish populations in Islamic countries over the past 50 years, they're easily comparable with Nazis. The Palestinian situation has not done Israel or Jews any favors.
  10. It's a sensitive situation and I think the world is worse off for the existence of its major religions, but looking at her words, it appears she is saying the right things as far as religious inclusivity is concerned. Whether this is what she really believes or simply what she is doing to gain support is hard to tell. I lean towards giving people the benefit of the doubt until they give reason not to be trusted.

    The mixing of Muslims, Jews, and Christians is certainly reason for concern in America, though, because history has shown time and again that these groups have not been able to live in harmony. But when we have a Muslim person in power preaching inclusiveness of all religions we shouldn't seek to tear her down because she is exactly the kind of leader we need if we are to live in harmony.

    The anti-Israeli rhetoric doesn't help any, though, because they are a U.S. ally and dissent against them in our own government does not help our relation with them. But perhaps she wants Israel to not have the U.S. as a powerful friend to lean on anymore.

    The world would be a much better place if we were all atheists, but we're not so we have to figure out a way to get along somehow...
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  11. The Israelis are very quick to swing the ban hammer, they even extend it to any Jew who speaks out against the Israeli states actions.

    The question posed in this thread was whether Ilhan Omar is anti Semitic, I see no proof that she is.
  12. The same thing Thomas Friedman said about 4 or 5 years ago. That AIPAC and other large fundraisers for the Democratic Party heavily influence us foreign policy when it comes to Israel. If you for example are opposed to the Israeli occupation of Palestine or even criticize Israel for their methods of occupation your primary opponent will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions from pro Zionist organizations. Her post was explaining why it’s so hard to be anti Zionist or against the occupation. Because there are literally tens of thousands of paid propagandists for Israel who will smear anyone who dares to criticize Israel. Literally a couple weeks after the faux outrage about her statements almost all of the democratic leadership went to the aipac conference and groveled about how Omar crossed the line. The fact that the response to her statements which was relatively innocusuous were so over the top proved Omar’s point in the first place
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  14. I admit there's a lot of things regarding Israel and Jews that go over my head however since "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the entire Democratic leadership" condemned Rep. Ilhan Omar for her statements I'm thinking she must have said something untoward.
  15. Can you find what her statements were that she was condemned for?
  16. Yeah, I was referring to the Benjamin remark and the Democrat response quoted here...

    I hadn't heard about Benjamin's before she said it and don't understand exactly why it's anti-Semitic. Racism is in the heart so IMO it's not about words so much as the sentiment behind the words.
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  17. One of the biggest problems in politics right now is that any dissenting voice is labeled as racist or anti-semitic or what have you. The article is saying that people were calling her out for talking about money in regards to Israel because of the Jewish stereotype of being wealthy. So, what, you can't accuse anyone of supporting Israel for financial reasons now because of that stereotype? That's ludicrous. We're restricting free speech and not having the open conversations we need to be having. Maybe the U.S. shouldn't be blindly supporting Israel in all endeavors but if anyone that dissents is labeled an anti-semite we can never have that discussion.

    I support Israel but I also see that their relationship with the Palestinians is a human rights crisis.

    We're witnessing the death of political discourse as we know it and it is a sad day for democracy everywhere...
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  18. I think the stereotype is less about being wealthy and more about greedy money grubbing Jews. I could be wrong. I've never really understood the anti Semitism thing, to me bigotry is bigotry regardless if it's against a race or a geographical area like the South or a politician's supporters.
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