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Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by AncientAntipodean, May 2, 2018.

  1. Don't think forums like it when people make accounts they never plan to use just to review either but that's just my own conspiracy..

    If you do plan on sticking around, welcome to GC! The beginners thread is helpful and you should check out definately the most recommended grow guide site here
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  2. IGLM = Great product, service, delivery time and Customer Service
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    I have ordered from ILGM twice.
    First order was 10 Northern Lights Autos. Two of them I planted, and are pictured below. They came kind of slow, but I ordered on a Friday night, and they don't ship on the weekends. The two that I planted germed just fine for my first round, I planted two more which died before they broke soil due to MY errors, gave away two of them, which also died due to the other person's errors. I planted two more about three weeks ago, both of which popped as well. So technically had I done everything right from the start, I have had a 100% success rate.

    About a month ago I ordered a Purple MixPack which consisted of,
    10x Granddaddy Purp
    10x Purple Kush
    10x Purple Haze

    They arrived in less than a week.

    So far I have only popped one of each of those about three weeks ago, but germ rate was 100%, pictured below.

    Their shipping to germination guarantee is second to none. They guarantee their beans or they will be replaced with no questions asked. I will be ordering 10 White Widow autos (as they have a deal for buy 10 get 10 free) so I will be getting 20 White Widow auto beans for $110.

    The only reason to shop anywhere else would be for a strain that ILGM does not have. With which case, it's a gamble.

    I am in the states, have had no issues receiving my orders.

    Also, I have over 900 posts at this point, how's that for a conspiracy <3

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  4. Customer ser vice on point!

    No comlaints at all. Every seed I've ever ordered has sprouted and matured with no issues!
  5. ***Sorry it's ILGM
  6. Great Seeds and Top Notch Service. I have placed several orders and will definitely place more. Keep up the Great Work ILGM!!

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