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  1. My seeds from ILGM arrived in record time, five business days to Australia!!!
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  2. Better than expected service and support

    Product arrived in about one week..........WOW

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  3. Hope i can get that same service in the U.S. from them.

  4. I live here in the lone star state
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  5. Yes I also received mine in five days awesome
  6. Tested two seeds.
    1 train wreck 1 gold leaf

    Both tap-rooted in 48 hours
    Dark warm closet
    12 Hours floating in shot glass
    12 hours push to bottom of shot glass
    24 hours damp paper towel
    Transported into rock wool plug ( soaking in 6.0 ph with few drops of root starter and hydrogen peroxide.

    Will update
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  7. Received seeds in 2 days can't beat the service. Will be ordering again.
  8. I purchased 5 Trainwreck seeds, when I planted them I was stoned and lost one. 4 seeds sprouted I killed one with a hoe. I now have 3 plants.
    According to the description the plants will grow to “as much as” 7’ tall.
    I experimented with 2 plants which are doing well.
    The remaining plant is now 10’ tall. They have just started flowering.
    I use all organic fertilizers made from compost that I make here at home.
    ILGM has been good to me. Robert Bergman provides great growing advice in his much appreciated emails.
  9. First time buyer great experience everything as promised customer support is fantastic
  10. All ILGM threads have been merged into this one and additional ones will be, as well. So, it is best to just use this thread if you have been asked to post about them or have the need to post about them. Thanks.
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  11. First time customer,professional and courteous quick responses, very satisfied customer.
  12. i placed an order 11pm est on the 28th of July 2018, my order was processed by the 2nd of August 2018 and I just got them in the mail today 8/4/18!! I’m totally stoked and was definitely skeptical..especially because I bought them out of impulse and at the was more concerned with legalities.. it was not until after that I(after having smoked) was like sh*t that could have been a scam!! So I looked into it and was brought to a forum through this site..well as I imagined I found many people saying it was a scam any my heart sank.. but determined to find positive feed back which I did I just decided to let the card fall where the may.. like a had a choice.. but lo and behold they are here

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  13. I've found ILGM has a very diversified variety of seeds, and that every seed I've received is of a fine quality and has produced healthy quality plants. Their mailings are quick and their support is excellent. I highly recommend browsing their web site, I'm sure you'll find something that peeks your interest as well as getting great tips on growing and caring for your "children".
  14. True to their word every step of the way. I opted to pay cash and received my order from them 12 days after payment was sent. Discretely and delicately packed to ensure protect safety and personal privacy. Sprouts popped within 3 days of starting them. Bergman and ILGM have earned my love and respect. There’s no need to look any further, these guys are legit.
  15. Awesome experience with ILGM! Seeds arrived within a week of ordering from the Boston area. Customer Service is top notch for communications about the order and to resolve any issues. Most seeds germinated very fast and the plants are doing great.
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  16. You really think nobody realizes that everyone giving a good review in this thread only has 1 or a few at most posts.... stop creating new profiles to reply to your own thread ILGM..
  17. Hey now... stop being paranoid. Ha Ha.

    Cant say about others. Me personally - I am a first time grower. Thought about growing once it became kosher to do so in MA. So why should you be surprised by the following chain of events -
    1. I google weed seeds. 2. I visit several top google results.
    3. I like ILGM the best - content, design, etc. 4. I order.
    5. I get great service, seeds arrive promptly, start growing like weeds. Pun Intended.
    6. I send email to ILGM thanking them. 7. They ask me if i would mind leaving a review on a couple of forums.
    8. I say no problem. 9. I write review, of course I have to create a new profile. Of course that was my first post...
    .... and that should have been it - except....
    10. You chime in with your conspiracy theory!!!
    11. I am amused enough that I decide to spend another 15 minutes replying.

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  18. Repeat customer from the states with nothing but good things to say. A+ service from A+ staff. Thanks again!

  19. Interesting info and very good to know. Thanks.
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  20. All I was thinking was that every poster accept I think 1 is a new member and has only posted at most a few times. It just looks like a red flag, there are seedbanks that do exactly that type of thing.. make multiple profiles and review themselves on sites and forums.

    I guess if I am wrong then they must be really good for people to actually give a shit about making profiles for giving a good review.

    And for the record I was not talking to you or anyone directly and it was a small rant post, nothing else. You're the one who wasted 15 minutes on your own.. how did you put it? Conspiracy theory..

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