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  1. im growing in my attic at my parents house n they dont kno i just water the plants when there gone and the airconditioner is in the attic and theyre having a guy come to check the air conditioner and im pretty sure hes gonna go in the attic and i have plants up there and shit and im really sketched out idk when the persons gonna come but i cleaned out some of the stuff but i have a bunch of plants half way into budding and i dont know where to put them or what to do with them and i cant tell my parents because they dont kno about it....... this sucks i dont want to kill my plants:confused:
  2. just tell the guy that check your a/c to keep his mouth shut. i bet he wouldnt even say a thing if he see it.
  3. idk its still sketch dude he might say somthin about it to my parents or somhtin or if he was a fag thered still be a chance of getting introuble
  4. Find the way to move the plants outside when your parents arent home. Then clean up a little so it doesnt look like a grow room. Then after he is done, move the plants back in and set lights, ect back up.
  5. ya dude but i dont know when the guys coming over and i couldnt keep the plants outside for a long time maybe 2 days tops and like idk how to find out when the guys gonna come to check all the stuff
  6. Why can you only keep them outside for 2 days? as long as their getting sunlight then you can keep them out there until their done budding, seems like you just dont want to put them outside. Just put them outside now (or when your parents go to sleep) and keep them out there until the guy is done with his job. The plants wount get hurt by getting some real sunlight
  7. because dude... if there in my backyard somones gonna find them if there there for like over 2 days probly
  8. you shouldn't be growing at mommy's and daddy's if you don't have their permission. I would suggest smoking out the AC guy and hoping for the best.
  9. Take em into your closet put a light on em and pray for the best. Let me know how that goes.
  10. It's really a bad idea to grow weed if you live with your parents and don't have permission.
  11. remove the biggest fan leaves. Make them shorter and less bushier. Whet some palmlike plant in walmart or so and try placing the half sided mk plants underneath thepalm. Also try moving some other plants infront of the mj`s. You can save the unfinished but anyhow good bud, try saving your plants and avoid geting caught. If you have a big enough garden i bet there is one spot that its better to leave things there and being unnoticed. try fitting your plants in a cage,then coverthem with a blanket. If someone askes you can tell that a hurted bird is recovering or some shit like that. Try to make them small enough and as less as MJ looking youcan.

    Remember. If your parents catch you probable the worst thing that will happen is that theyll trash the plantsand ground/watch the hell over you like a hawk. Its the tech dude you want to be afraid since you dont know how he will react.

    save the bud... even if caught, youll get high...jeje

  12. Just do a little social engeneering. Be like "Mom, do you know when that guy is coming to check out the air conditioner because it's going to start getting hot and I don't want to be sweating like a pig?" and she probably won't even think anything of youy asking and you'll know at the same time.:D

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