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  1. Would 2 600 watt led be enough light for two plant in a tent in 24x24x48 tent true watts 276 276 = 552

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  2. Yes. Should produce some nice buds. TWW
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  3. Way more than enough
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  4. Might get too hot in the tent.

    Otherwise, balls to the wall dude.
    I run one 600w LED for one plant.
    254 actual watts. So far the plant
    loves it.
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  5. 30w sq/f is recommended 50w sq/f best, and more then 50w's extra cheese.


    Your light total is 138w sq/f. dam bro eas the plants into the light. You got some power in a small place
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  6. Had some underpowered lights on my first grow wanna make sure I'm not light starved this go round
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