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  1. Does anyone have experience with iguanna juice from advanced nutrients. It is organic and ive herd it is good so i want to use it. Its the bloom phase iguanna juice im talking about, and cing as how it is such a low npk can i use it every watering?

    If anyone else knows of any good organic bloom nutes could u please let me know.

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    I used Iguana Juice Grow & Bloom on my first grow and it turned out to be the shit bro. I used Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, as well as Hygrozyme and a small free sample of Overdrive I got with the soil grow kit I got from HTGSupply.com. I would totally recommend Iguana Juice. I used it in low amounts in every watering and here's what I got.

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  3. Awww thats the dogs balls man. Your plants look amazing. Im def gonna pick up some iguanna juice grow, and the bloom. Is superthrive organic? if it is i will def pick it up too.

  4. Do you use the iguana in an all soil mix & did you say you used overdrive plz let me no cheers budbhoy
  5. Hi m8 can i use iguana juice in soil & was that overdrive from Advanced Nutrients plz let me know ASAP thanks Bud:D
  6. Yes I used a little Overdrive from AN, the soil kit I bought came with a sample 8 oz. bottle. The Overdrive however is not organic but I got no chemical or "metallic" taste. I almost forgot I also used AN's Final Phase the last 2 weeks to assist flushing. And yes I used soil. The Iguana juice is meant more for soil. You could easily use it in hydro but if you where using say a bubble bucket it could cause your grow area to smell of fish. If you hadn't checked it out yet the Iguana Juice has a very pungent fish smell to it. I spilled a little on the carpet and my roommates dog was nuts for it, he kept coming back to that spot in the carpet and licking it for days.
  7. Is Iguana Juice for soil?

    I've successfully used Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom on my first grow and it looks like the picture posted. Grown in hydro rockwool cubes (6").

    I just started overdrive because you use it in your last 2 nutrient weeks.

    I recommend AN's nutrient calculator on their website. www.advancednutrients.com

  8. Yeah dude, Iguana is awesome.

    And you can definitely use it in soil. How much you use per watering and how often is up to how much your plants can handle. It's designed for hydroponics which is nice because so few organics, even the hydroponic ones, are actually any good in hydro and Iguana Juice is.

    If you got any questions just call AN, they'll help out. Just don't tell what you're growing because they're not supposed to help with MJ so they don't get in trouble.

    Oh, and I don't think Superthrive is really organic. It may be, but it's got hormones so it's not really a natural thing.

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