If youre not sure which lights to use: read this!

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  1. lights to use: read this!

    Ok so here’s the deal:

    When I first set up my cabinet I wasn’t sure which lights to use… Which lights were the “best”… Which ones I could realistically afford… What resulted was a serious of INTENSE calculations/over-calculations. I basically got my hands on as much reliable information about everything I could… Then I beat it to death. I’ve decided to share all those calculations with everyone here on GC. If you’re undecided on what kind of light to chose and want to make a more informed decision then check out my thread here:


    I compare Compact Fluorescent, High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, and T5 High Output Fluorescent tubes against each other in a few different ways. Also, the thread has been updated over the past couple days, so if you’ve already read it once, give it another peek. So please feel free to drop in and take a look, and don’t be shy about dropping me a rep if you like what you see ;) there’s a lot of time invested in those statistics. I hope my thread stays around as long as it can and helps as many people as possible before it sinks into the cracks and people start asking the same questions all over again… Thanks to everyone who takes the time to check it out.

  2. Posting a thread about a different thread is the same as double-posting, please don't.

    Blatant begging for reps is crass.

    Don't let your good contribution to MJ growing knowledge get overshadowed by your tactics to gain attention.
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    Ummmm ok. Thanks I guess. Just trying to help :( I was trying to get people who read the thread once already to re-visit because I put in a bunch of new info. Also, I wanted a new post with a different title because I didn't feel my original title was quite accurate anymore with all the new info. I didn't think it was much different than giving it a "bump." I was trying to get attention for the thread not myself, but thanks for calling me out like I'm some sort of attention crazed 8th grade girl or something... Sure I asked for rep, but it definitely wasn't my motivation. You're begining to make me feel like it was a mistake sharing my hard work and research in the first place. Thanks for making me feel welcome. PPL like you are the reason I left Cannabis.com after a couple years.
  4. Don't stop contributing, that's the key. The reps and views will take care of themselves. ;)
  5. I didn't mean to seem too harsh, it's just that I spent alot of time and late nights putting that together for myself a couple years ago before I set up my light. Then I lost it and wished I had it because I saw alotta ppl making poorly informed lighting decisions so I put it back together again.I think a lot of new growers get scammed on smaller HID lights or expensive T5HO fixtures they can do without. I just didn't want to see it sink to the bottom of the pile :)


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