If you were on a space ship, and froze yourself....

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  1. alright. so , you build a space ship that can travel on solar power.....they say we suck up like 18 percent of the energy the sun has to offer, but if we could suck up 50 or more we could power things no problem...alright, so you make a ship that runs on solar power....then you send it off in a direction in space....and you freeze yourself.

    if this ship didnt hit anything and just kept floating, always having power......and you stayed frozed.....

    but set a time for you to wake up, like, 500 years later.....

    you would be able to cross intergallacticly no problem right?

    if you froze yourself you wouldnt age, i mean, they do that now on earth as it is right?

    i was just thinking...if a planet was 20 light years away....and that meant 200 years of travel....but you froze yourself. it would seem instantanious.

    now, think of a space ship that just travels through space, and automatically wakes you up when you enter a solar system with living life....

    and i only say that because they say, even if you did travel the speed of light, which is the fastest anything can go....it would still take multiple life times just to get across the galaxy. so, technically, i cant see a way for you to tell if there is life on planets from a distance. i mean, we cant technically look into telescopes looking for life cuz, whatever life we would see would have been millions , perhaps billions of years ago.....

    so in my head, with my logic, someone ( or something ) wanting to travel space and see what it has to offer, would have to be alerted when there was life nearby....and maybe a ufo type hover over the earth is just the way they actually study life in the universe.

    i mean, even for advanced life forms, outer space might be extremely complex with rules you cant break. speed, time, and distance all seem to be factors that you cant change.

    so im thinking, all those ufo's we see, are travelers of space...i dont think they know who we are, what we are, or what we are doing...they probably dont even comprehend what we are doing....they are just observing, until next time.

    i want to go on record by saying....if i could jump on a ship and freeze myself until a planet with life came about, i would do it....

    and when we talk about flying saucers, for some reason, when i think of a flying saucer......i think of small life forms. im guessing those ufos we see, that dont look to big, just a spinning disk.....i bet theres like, 100 life forms in there...haha....they are really really advanced, just super small. haha

    anyways im done
  2. Well you make it sound much simplier than it would be.

    First off, any form of intra-galactic that relies on the sun is inherently flawed, because once you escape the heliosphere, you're without a power source.

    Secondly, we don't even know if it's possible to freeze a human being and revive them. Cryogenics are still very flawed and work on the principle, that we keep people frozen until we FIND a way to revive them without catastrophic tissue damage

    Thirdly, when you're going at the speeds required to reach a any celestial body in a reasonable span of time, even a microscopic bit of interstellar dust is enough to destroy any ship. In the same thought, we still have the grand challenge of interstellar radiation.

    Then most importantly, is your destination. Where are you going to go? What will you do when you get there? Who will know? How will you communicate?

    Just my opening thoughts on the subject.
  3. and i believe your right. haha. i just didnt know the facts. it would be a sweet book though.

    oh, but here.

    solar power, we could store the energy....somehow. ha. store enough to last so long or whatever.

    we dont necissarily need to go that fast, if we could wake ourselves back up.

    i didnt know that about cryogenics...but one day we'll figure it out.

    basically....take everything i said, find the flaws, and then fix the flaws....so that you can do what i said. that way, it would be sweet. hahaha
  4. Keep in mind it's still a serious undertaking to get to the moon.

    Not to mention we still havent even made it to the next planet over.
  5. wow, I picture a space vehicle crashed on the dark side of a slow spinning planet some where, overgrown with vegitation before dawns light reaches the first corner of a solar panel.
  6. and i picture a navigational system that directs the ship around such planets. haha. they DO have cars that can move out of the way of a wall. im sure we can make a solar powered space ship with a cyogenic chamber inside move out of the way of a massive planet in an unknown solarsystem.


    we didnt get to where we are today by saying..

    nah, thats shitty

    we said...ooooooooooooooooooo....sounds fun. then we made it.

    i know its tough to get to the moon still. space exploration is still in its baby steps...but after baby steps comes a walk...and after a walk comes a run. I dont think we'll be stuck in baby steps forever. my theorys, whacked out as they may be, are all to be taken place between the walk and run of space exploration. :)

    just know guys, that when i throw out these theorys....im not being totally serious...if anything..im thinking of a good book.

  7. You don't believe UFOs come from alien worlds, do you? Every single one of them is easily attributable to mundane causes.

    And something that's always annoyed me about supposed UFO sightings: Why interstellar aliens? That is, why would people assume aliens are responsible and not the military, or even the Mormons? Durrrr....

    I mean seriously, doesn't common sense say space aliens go at the BOTTOM of the list of probable suspects? The ghost of Howard Hughes is more likely to be the pilot of a flying saucer than a damn Martian.
  8. even if your little mission was possible...... the only thing stopping you would be giving up the life you've always had, and dealing with the fact that when you wake up, everything and everyone you know and loved will be destroyed and you will be utterly alone in space...... with no one familiar, and no gaurenteed way to COMMUNICATE with any other forms of life, even if you did find them.... i mean, lets be honest here people, even if we found other life, intelligent life, the possabilities are endless for the technology they have, they might have resources on their planet we've never dreamed of, and technology thats impossible for us to make.... certainly our languages wont be the same......!!!
  9. Or the Scientologists...
  10. You fool, that's what the Mormon's want us to think!
  11. There have been UFO sightings since ancient times. And not every sighting can be attributed to mundane causes.


    I'm not going to say that they are aliens, there could be other explanations. But flying objects that we cannot identify have been showing up in our skies for a very long time, a lot longer than most believe.

    EDIT: I should have planned for a better 1000th post.
  12. Beams of light was how many artists, in Italy at least, used to signify the touch of God. I could imagine those other things in the air as spirits or souls of angels or yetti frogs or something. Or maybe they are aliens piloting space ships. You'd think they'd be able to keep from being seen if they have such wonderful technology...to be able to zoom through space over however many trillions of miles...or open up a wormhole or enter another dimension or however they're supposed to be getting here. Surely they can make their crafts invisible. Like an alien ship is going to have a light on at night when it's zooming through the sky and making right angle turns so people can clearly see it from nearly any vantage point. But yea...they might be aliens.
    One thing's for sure...If there ARE aliens visiting our planet, they better fuckin' abduct me so I'll have a cool story to tell....
    ...and none of that REM dreamland hullucination shit either, I want the real thing. They better be probin' me with some freaky looking sweet gear too. In fact, their gear probably wouldn't even leave a mark. They probably wouldn't even need to touch me.
    I"m really stoned and I can't type very well.

  13. Sure, people have always seen odd stuff in the sky.

    That depends on your definition of mundane, I suppose. Whatever the cause, there's no evidence that it's ever been alien intelligence.

    Meteors, swamp gas, ball lightning, etcetera....

    Yeah, but all of the supposed evidence from renaissance paitings is hooey. Those aren't UFOs. They're DFOs: Divine Flying Objects.
  14. First of all, I do believe they come from alien worlds....read me sig. it says " I believe in aliens..." and then theres a picture of an alien.....

    Thats wrong. Check out america's air force man. I dont know the actual numbers...but its somewhere along the lines of....out of X amount of sightings ( pictures and videos and storys and what not ) , something like 3 or 4 percent are unexplained. By people whos jobs are to make aliens and ufo's sound just as rediculous as your trying to make it sound.

    Im not sure how many sightings our air force has delt with, but i know its in the hundreds of thousands if not more. that 3 or 4 percent becomes a very large number of cases that are unexplained.

    I could go on and on, and i will sorta....just by stating. Why would a pilot that has been flying without any mishaps for 30 some years just outright say, " I see a huge flying object "

    Thing is, i agree that most of alien sightings and ufo sightings and all that ARE crap. Its the ones that not anyone can say " its this, or this..." those are the ones you need to pay attention to.

    And our apollo missions.

    And ancient scriptures.

    And fucking pyramids. And other temples, like the one with 100 foot ceilings. and pictures of small men standing next to giants.

    Yeah, lets just throw all that in the nonsence pile.
  15. Ill tell you what. And this is no bull shit. If someone were to walk up to me today, and say, i got a space ship and blah blah blah...id do it. in a heart beat. I would spend the rest of my life looking out of a space ship window....at least i would be seeing things no other human had.

  16. How do you know they're not one and the same? :p
  17. actually. yeah. Divine flying objects? ive never even heard of that before. And, would the story of elijah and the encounter with the gods in the firey chariotts just be written off as....divine flying objects?

    i need to wikipedia that word.

    EDIT - Alright, i looked up that divine flying object thing. And this is a site full of paintings and artwork that i guess is just being written off as divine flying objects.


    yeah, i read up on it and they're saying its just religious symbology. I just dont get how since the dawn of time, weve had people painting pictures and telling storys of things flying in the air and coming in contact with them....yet, were just supposed to not take that seriously. Its just the work of people telling you to only listen to half the story. They do it all the time, and christianity was based around this. Listen to the words of these people for the speak the truth of life...read the bible, because in it, you will find the truth of life....BUT...dont listen to these certain parts cuz...it doesnt mean what it actually says...it means something else. Oh, gays cant be in the church...and theyre going to hell...wait...never mind...theres to many gay people now...so, its cool. wait....we changed our minds....

    its just crap. these people painted pictures. and in these pictures...are pictures of flying saucers....

    and even if they are just symbols of these gods and such....why a flying saucer? why, back in ancient times...was the transportation of the gods depicted as that? and why do we still see these things today in the sky?

    And, why do we think that God is all powerful when, according to scriptures and paintings....he travels by a material object

    and why are you guys so bent up on believing in aliens? Is it really that hard to believe that there is life smarter than you? Are you really that self indulged that you think, in the whole universe, this planet...and YOUR life...is the most important?

  18. Most people flying such banners don't expect to be taken seriously, know what I'm sayin? :D

    That's wrong? That statement is wrong? Really? You got some facts to back you up?

    Of course not.

    Really? X amount? lol

    OK. Come up with an actual source and we'll talk about it. :p

    Hmm. Well, I trade in facts and reason. So, when you find these facts, post a follow-up, eh?

    I'm not sure I understand the question. Why wouldn't said pilot say said words? Like, what's your point?

    Well please cite one. Let's start with at least one, OK? :D

    Right. Because that's when we first made contact? Or no, wait. That's when we received the first formal delegation from the lizard people, right? lol

    Yeah, Ezekiel's wheel and all that; blah, blah, blah. I've seen fire in the sky myself; plenty of times, lemme tell ya! :smoking:

    It amuses me to imagine what archeologists a few thousand years from now will say when they find a perfectly preserved panel of graffiti (which originally hung in the girls' bathroom at Rondo's) depitcting little stick men with GIANT cocks. What will that MEAN?!! :D

    I'm waiting for some reason not to....
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  19. I don't. But which is the most likely?

    1. Alien beings came to visit the earth during the Renaissance (or perhaps before), and then came to visit us again in modern times.

    2. Early artists depicted celestial bodies as discs or orbs in the sky.

    I mean, come on. Seriously. It's just a simple question of evidence and likelihood. Call it Occam's Razor if you want. I call it common sense.

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