If you were God how would you reward and punish good and evil actions?

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  1. Would you use reincarnation? A Heaven/Hell combo? Or something completely new?

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    What goes around, comes around...
  3. I would use a "get in line" method of reincarnation.
    \n\nThe bad people would have to get to the back of line and be born into a difficult life.
    \nThe good people would go to the front of the line and be born into a happy life.
  4. If I was god I would kill myself.
    INB4 god is omnipotent while simultaneously eternal.
  5. Is the good or evil demonstrated by the created individuals not under the jurisdiction of the creator?
  6. Beer volcanoes and stripper bars sounds like a good idea but I think that one is already taken.
    Reward is tougher, what's a reward to one person might seem like hell to another (for example immortality) so I suppose someone godlike would have to draw that from the person in question, what would be a reward to them.
    But punishment, that's easier. They'd have to live what they inflicted on others, every second of it. Someone who took advantage of the poor would live poor and without resources themselves, a killer would feel the pain not only of their victim but also of the families left behind, and so on. Not eternal, just once to see what it's like. Given that I personally don't believe in an afterlife it would kinda have to be just once to feel what it's like to be murdered.
  7. I would leave alone those who do good and treat others well. I would make difficult the lives of those who do bad but ultimately those who commit evil would gain my respect.

    A human being who can commit an act of evil is truly a wonder. The human who can do good AND stand up to forces of evil deserves no special treatment, only acceptance without praise. For the human that knows evil as their enemy is strong enough.
  8. No, because every living being/thing is a victim of circumstance/environment. 
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    and genetics.

    The brains of pedophiles and sociopaths is physically different from a normal person's.

    But this could also mean that God gave them a greater test than everyone else with higher stakes.
  10. I wouldnt create the universe then set the rules in opposition to begin with.  I wouldnt test my creations, because I would know what they are capable of since I conceived of them. I wouldnt allow the horrible unspeakable evil we see in the world in the first place. If there was bliss for everyone in their lives and no one had needs that could not be easily fulfilled it would all be a happy utopian society.
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    Here's an older one:

    The world is a reflection of your true self and life itself is gradual judgement.
    \nEvery individual soul is capable of improving the world by improving the source of this reflection, him or herself. How to decide improvement is found through observation of  patterns in personal life.
  12. Each good deed = one sexy girl.
    Each sin = -1 inches of dick length
    Bet the world would be a lot nicer place.

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    I'm pretty sure God thought about that way back when dinosaurs were wrasslin.
  14. If I were an all powerful supernatural being I'd just turn everyone good and full of peace.

    "Wait! We can't stop here, this is bat country!"- Fear and Loathing
    We'd just be robots.
    Robots can't evolve spiritually.
    That would defeat the purpose of free will.
    If I was God, good people would get churros and bad people would get really bad churros.
  17. Well if I were God I assume I could peer into the soul, so my punishments and favors wouldn't be dished out according to the seriousness of ones actions but by the condition of one's soul.  Of course any man who would commit a major crime against innocence would be punished severely, but if they were just dumn and manipulated I may just burn their extremeties and kill their cattle, but leve their genitals intact; whereas if they knew the seriousness of their crimes and enjoyed them I would kill them slowly and painfully after having inects chew off their private parts. 
    Those who did good deeds would be judged similarly.  If they meant only to gain my favors, but their soul was rotten, I may give them a nice hammock to sleep on, or a really good joint.  But if I knew their actions to be inherent I may make them a king... or I might just let the devil kill their family, burn their house, kill their cattle and leave them naked to the elements.
    yeah, I would be a shitty god.
  18. If I were God, I'd not punish or reward anyone.. I'd watch their lives, along with all the lives of everything else I created in the universe, with equal appreciation. When they die, they'll get greeted with "sup, welcome to the universe" and then disperse their essence throughout.
  19. Punishment for sins kinda happens by itself for the most part

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    Could intelligent design be involved with that?
    Heaven and Hell could be here on Earth.

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