If you want to freak your wife out...

Discussion in 'General' started by Tyke, May 19, 2010.

  1. ...tell her you saw a big spider crawl into her closet but it got away and you couldn't find it. Then leave and go to work.

    I'm not the smartest person in the world first thing in the morning. She's called me five times already heh heh.
  2. If you had said that to me I would also be freaking out. I cannot stand spiders, there is just something about them that give me the Heeby-Geebys.

    hairy,crawling,eight legs, etc..

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  3. They just wants a hug.
  4. Even though it is the scariest thing I know of I still do not kill the spiders. I let them be they are on the earth with us.
  5. Better than her calling the exterminater
  6. or you could just say you pissed in the sink
  7. Haha

    I always just let the spiders chill where they are. I dont think there are any poisenous ones around me so they can hang out and catch shit to eat. I cant say i enjoy them crawling on me though.
  8. you eat 7+ spiders throughout your life regardless if you do it on purpose or not

  9. A year.
  10. Anyone remember the exact saying? Something along the lines of, "in your life you are never more than (some number) feet away from a spider."

    If spiders are somewhat far away or outdoors they don't bother me. When I walk into a web face first or have one suddenly crawl in front of me it's gross.

    I know in my state there are only two poisonous spiders, the black widow and the brown recluse I think. Maybe it was just brown. Regardless, they can still pack venom. My girlfriend got bit on the hand while reaching into a box and her knuckles got really swollen and turned blue. Disgusting.

  11. yeah in my state there are only two also I think. Brown Recluse and Black Widow.

    Scary shit thats why I dont put my hands anywhere I cant see...unless its girlfriend..
  12. Brown recluses are some scary shit.

    Warning: Graphic spider bite
  13. Holy SHit!!!! That cant be a normal Brown recluse spider bite he had to have been allergic or something otherwise im calling orkin man or something,
  14. Lmao! Wouldn't that be a pisser? Come home to a few hundred dollar exterminator bill.

  15. Brown recluses are one of the most poisonous spiders in the world. Hes lucky he isnt dead
  16. Yeah, unfortunately that can be the result of a normal bite, or I should say somewhat of a normal reaction. Naturally, things tend to get a LOT worse the longer you ignore professional treatment, as is the case with a lot of brown recluse victims.

    A lot of times these wounds won't look that bad from the outside for a while...until they "rupture" and truly show you what's been going on...Ugh.

    Scary shit.
  17. Well I know what the very first thing I'll be doing after I get home tonight is. Of course, finding a spider in her closet is pretty much impossible if it's even still in there. I have to figure out a way to fake the capture and execution of the arachnid at large or else I'll wind up spending the whole fucking night in the closet. How do I get myself into these messes?? LOL

  18. Respect.

    But i murder spiders

  19. Agreed. Yes they are creatures of the earth, but if youre in my house and you have 8 legs, you die, plain and simple.
  20. I remember my mom got bit by a brown recluse on her arm, she got very sick and theirs a scar on her arm that looks like a little crater

    This one time there was a huge spider on my ceiling and I tried killing it with my shoe, it fell onto my bed and I could'nt find it anywhere...had me fucking paranoid all night and I woke up with a bite on my neck, I knew he was out to get me after I tried crushing him :rolleyes:

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