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If you started a family...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stoned_soldier, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. Say you had a close relationship with a partner and decided to start a family. How would you talk to your kid about drugs? I've been thinking about this a bit and I'd introduce (preferrably an only son) my child to weed at a certain age when they can understand things well without putting angst into stuff. Maybe 15-16 years old. I'd want to be the first person that they smoke with.

    Of course I'm still pretty young and I don't know how long from now I'd start to put that into practice. Just seeking advice from the wise, older posters (and the young ones too of course). How did you introduce your children to marijuana, or did you?
  2. I definintely wouldnt give them any drugs or introduce any to them. I think thats just ignorant...
  3. never introduce your kids to it. let them learn on their own. the experience of hiding and being bad (breaking the law :O) will be good for them.

    and think about it, you would never introduce your child to cigarettes, why to drugs? they dont need drugs in their lives. you dont have to police them once they start, but you should atleast attemp to prevent their habit.
  4. if i produced and a partner produced sprogs in some form of family environment, then that sprog would grow up with a father who tokes regularly.

    any sprog of mine will be home ed, so will learn plenty about the truth and lies of cannabis, as well as many other things. ;)
  5. Fred and I have been talking about this a lot lately...he feels we shouldn't mention it at all to our kid, and just wait and see if he/she finds out about it on her own, then give her the talk about it.

    I don't feel that way...I don't see why I should hide something that I do when I don't feel it's wrong. I already plan on continuing to smoke weed, and I feel if you hide it from them, they're going to get the impression that the world is right about how wrong it is. Why else would you hide it from them? If I show them that I think there is no problem with it (in moderation), then he/she can learn from me that there is no problem with marijuana. I'm not going to force my child to smoke, and I'm not going to let him/her do it before he/she is 15 (that would just make me hypocritical if I stopped them after that), but I'm also not going to lie to my child. I'm going to teach him/her everything I know to be right about marijuana, tell him/her all the pros and cons, and let him/her decide for themselves. I feel that as long as he/she smokes with me (if at all), it's safer than some people he/she could end up with.

    Think about some of the people you smoke with...would you honestly want your kid learning about something as important as marijuana from the types of people you hang around?
  6. My two boys know about me smoking.. I don't do it in front of them but they know.. I have educated them as well as I can.. I told them the truths about MJ and how alot of users benefit from the use.. I also let them know that with any thing they do in life they need to be mature enough to handle the situation that could be brought upon them.. They understand and choose not to do any type of drug.. That makes me happy enough!.

  7. dude.. where did i say that? I said its ignorant to give your kids drugs.. When said flat out, it sounds pretty good, right? Theres a diference on teaching your kids about drugs, and giving them drugs to do...

    ps: woo, 100th post :p
  8. Hmmm....

    I've been getting high for half of my life and am quite comfy with my lifestyle so I don't ever see myself quitting except for my 6-12 week breaks that I take. In fact, I have one scheduled soon. If I were pregnant, I'd quit; but that goes for caffeine and shit like that also, just like my breaks.

    So...if I had kids, I would want them to be educated and not polluted with propaganda. I would tell them about it when I felt that they were mature enough to handle the info...that goes for sex and other things kills me to see very young children have their innocence fucked with by too much info at too early of an age. I would also prefer that they not do it until they were 18, if they choose to do it at all, but I was 16 when I started so I wouldn't want to be a hypocrite about it.

    I don't think that I would ever want to smoke with them but you never really know what you'll do until the situation arises.
  9. I most definitely will be hiding it til my kid's like 15-16. Would hate to just not hide it at all and have em know "daddy smokes weed daily" and have em get brainwashed by DARE temporarily and tell on me.
    Sooo.. yeah, basically, when they know how to keep their mouth shut, I'll be open about it. :D (though don't kids have to get parental permission for DARE class? i wouldn't give permission..)
    And hopefully if they do end up thinking drugs are evil somehow, I hope they can understand around 15 that weed at least isn't evil. (I see myself smokin til the day I die) so I'll be like.. "hey I was high your first day of school, i was high at your high school graduation.. do you think weed made me so horrible?"
  10. Even though this is coming straight outta my head I believe children of pot smokers do shitty at life, in gereral. Not ex-smokers but current smokers who make it seem alright to smoke in the house etc. All my friends whose parents toked, they didn't graduate HS and they ain't doin shit now. Obviously there are exceptions but this seems to hold true a lot of the time. If you are going to have children and be a pot smoker, don't let them know you do it often and DO NOT encourage them to start.
  11. "current smokers who make it seem alright to smoke in the house "

    it is ok though, isn't it? why shouldn't it be..

  12. I dont think its soley because they smoke pot, but because they let something like that slide in their home so they probably let oter things slide too. They are probably just plain bad parents and dont play an active role in their childs life...

    But yes, i do agree with you that a parent shouldnt encourage their kid to take any sort of drug. Sure, i smoke pot, but i dont think its healthy for me. I've spent a lot of money on it, could have gone to better things...

  13. AMEN, ZONEDUDE, took the words outta my mouth

  14. Well it is illegal and encouraging your kid to break the law is dumb and will come back to bite you in the ass(or possibly bite off your entire ass).
  15. If i started a family i would have a 1000 watt grow room as a lil present for myself...
  16. Instead of thinking it as "encouraging" your kids to break the law (i.e. any law)...think of it more as showing your kids that some laws are wrong and were made to be broken.
  17. me personally, i wouldnt let my child know im doing it
    dont get me wrong im not ashamed, i just feel he'll be
    able to handle things on his own by the time he does
    think about drugs, im going to be against it until he old
    enough to realize that its not bad or even good for some
    things, i dont want a 12 yr old son pothead walkin around like these other little kids in my town smokin at 10 yrs old, my boy is only a yr and a half now so who knows
    by the time he is old enough to understand or even comprehend about drugs i might not be
    blazing anymore

  18. Yea and when your kid is in jail and they can't get a job afterwards you will be crying yourself to sleep.

  19. So why don't you take your own advice and stop breaking the law. Don't you care about your mother crying herself to sleep?

  20. because she didn't turn me on to weed! Isn't that what this thread is about?

    I meant you would feel guilty if you told your kids it was okay to smoke, then they ended up in jail. You would feel twice as guilty than if you told them not to smoke the whole time.

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