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  1. Do you think if you just sat down with hundreds of blunts and continued to smoke them you could reach a completely different high of just hallucinations or something or just like trip haha :smoke:
  2. Youd prolly pass out first. 1 from lack of oxygen, and 2 from being extremely baked. Lol.
  3. Drink like 3 cocaine energy drinks in the morning and try you won't pass out hahah
  4. First off the average person wouldnt get past 10 before passing out, i don't care who you are 10 blunts on your own you will be asleep.

    IF you somehow manage to get past 10 you might be in a vegitative state like high, it wouldnt even be enjoyable.

    It would be a waste of weed, and you would have some pretty awesome dreams i guess ahaha, all in all it wouldnt happen.
  5. No, i dont. I have a tolerance and no matter how much i smoke i only stay at a sertain level of high. Even a newbie... they might reach a "New Level" but they might also green out... Hell man i wish i could reach a new level of high. i've never green'd out either so thats still on the list lol

  6. You don't want to green out, trust me.
  7. I"m pretty sure there aren't levels of highness with weed. Yes there is a difference between indica and sativa. And there's good bud and bad. And depending on your tolerance you could be "higher" but, BUT, comeon, its not like if u smoke a absolute shit ton of the best herb ur gonna reach some magical state. If we could discuss other drugs I could make real comparisons to levels. but do some research and you'll see weed is probably the least diverse in the sense of its highs and lows.
    Just my opinion. thought it would be better expressed here rather and ripping into one of those threads about "tripping out" and "ODing" on weed.
  8. im one of those guys who will buy an ounce and smoke it all with like one buddy by the next morning. the farthest i've gotten was a slight blackout my hand was doing swtuff on its own and a tiny seizure.... but usually i just green out lol
  9. No you'd peak and just be high as fuck
  10. I know for a fact i can smoke 10 blunts in a row to myself and remain awake.
  11. Your heart would probably explode, however.
  12. Not if you're smoking what I'm smoking, at least.

    I don't care if you're Snoop Dogg, after 3 or 4 blunts of bomb weed you're gonna start taking little tiny ass puffs.

    I know personally I'd have a hard time passing out but I wouldn't be able to finish it all.
  13. True that i only roll blunts of dank on occasions, i roll blunts of beasters usually
  14. my buddy makes these chocolates from a lottttt of hash oil. I took two once and they made me trip and hallucinate like crazy. Took me to levels that shrooms/moll/K have before. not as intense as deemsters tho

    If you have the money to blow try making some realllyyy strong edibles. You can get a lot higher than smoking.
  15. marijuana has a ceiling effect. I think that's what it's called. It means that you can only get so high from weed, then you're just smoking it to smoke it, or the high might last a bit longer.
  16. If the bud was HAZE I could smoke a hundred blunts,,, Haze weed keeps you awake like powder, but if it was Indica kush weed,,, I would pass out after the 1st or second
  17. smoking 10 blunts of chronic is totally different than lower grade.

    But if you can man out 10 blunts of hydro white widow, you would be a god among men.
  18. You'd smoke yourself sober before anything
  19. Personally my really good buddy is top 15 glass blowers in us and he had made bong stems with a golf t lookin top and when headed you can take vaped bong hits of oil if any of y'all cone to Oregon I'm sure I can have you above that roof level 8)
  20. If I tried to smoke that much I'd probably end up so distracted next thing I know I've rearranged all the furniture in the house.

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