If you own an outdoor cat..

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  1. Have you ever wondered where they go/what they are doing when they disappear for long periods of time?

    Wouldnt it be badass if you could somehow attach a camera of sorts to a collar or something to capture their adventures on film?

    If anybody would like to try this with their cat lets brainstorm ways of going about doing it. Afterall the 21st century has some pretty incredible recording tools that could work.
  2. My family has a bunch of outdoor cats that don't really belong to us but we feed them, name them, etc.  That would be kind of awesome, but on the other hand I'm sure they don't go any farther than I already know the area for so it wouldn't be that exciting.  But I bet the wilderness around here looks pretty awesome from cat height.
  3. Yeah a few of my friends has those too.
    I was so high when I made this thread I completely forgot about it haha.

    It would be badass to catch the cat killing it next meal on tape ^_^
    It's been done. Cats kill a ton of shit all the time.
  5. OMG that link had me rollin!! I pasted that on my FB I havent laughed that hard in days.
  6. I admit I lol'd on the Sun-Sat calendar.

    -Sledp on owners face at 3am
  7. Hahaha holy shit this link made this thread so worth it it was fucking hilarious.

    I wanna see an actual tape of this shit am I sick?
  8. If you own an outdoor cat get it spayed or neutered
    It depends. If you want the cats to kill things for your personal pleasure, then probably something wrong. If you just want to see some highlights of what cats are already killing then you are just a bit of a sadist. I don't think sadism is wrong, it just isn't "normal".
    It's based on a true story.
  11. Definitely the latter.
  12. The real message should be "if you own an outdoor cat, SPAY/NEUTER THE GODDAMN THING"
  13. There was sonething in the paper about a guy attaching a "cat cam" to his cat and it caught his neighbour shagging a blow up guy sex doll thing. He had to go round and tell her about it aswell.

    Hey my cat was at your window and em......

    Why?  (That's not an argumentative why, that's a curious why.)
  15. Because cats breed like crazy and their feral offspring spread disease.
      Not to mention cats have their own STD's.
  16. Wait, wut?
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    FIV, kitty-cat aids.
      Spreads like wildfire through cat colonies, because of traumatic insemination, thanks to the sharp barbs on the male's penis.
     Cats shouldn't be let outside without supervision to begin with.  Even in the heart of urban areas, coyotes, bobcats, owls, and other predators of domestic cats are present.
      That and the fuckers can carry rabies, canine distemper, and rat fleas, which harbor the bubonic plague, rabies in cats being especially prevalent in regions with high population densities of bats.  
  19. This is why I shoot cats and leave them out for they yotes to eat. If you own a cat keep it Inside. If not, don't exspect it to come back. I hate to fucking cats and will shoot anyone that I can kinda like the yotes. Use the dead cat for yote bait, then shoot the cyotes.

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