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If you only had .5 g left...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tapsumbong, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. ..would you smoke it all in one session or split it into 2? I know .5 is nothing for most you guys but I usually make a gram last about 5 days. The only problem I have is that I honestly feel only slightly more high when I smoke 3 bowls as opposed to 1. How come? Shouldn't I be pretty ripped off 3 bowls of dank?
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    always split it bro unless you have enough cash to buy when your out. I Normally smoke a bowl and walk away pretty blazed. Best to smoke a decent size bowl and save a little treat for later or keep it just incase you cant get any and then when you really want some you have a bowl to keep you sane\

    Edit: 3 bowls of dank. normally you should be pretty blazed, but ive had that feeling where im smoking more but im not getting any higher. thats your mind telling you to stop and save haha.
  3. dank? hold off all day then find someone with more dank to match a gram blunt with you. tolerance will be down..blunt will be goood!
  4. I'd split it and vape some of it, save it, vape the rest another time. Either that, or throw down with someone else and roll a doob.
  5. .5g's

    Use a bowl. USE A FILTER and break it up into 3 bowls. Thats what i would do.

    1gram usually last me 2 days of smoke when im trying to conserve.
  6. i usually am always sharing my boyfriend (sad story lol) but when its just me one bowl will get me blazed. id say smoke a hitter or two if you got one.
  7. if its good shit?
    i'll roll a few tight spliffs, or rip some from a bong. if i had a vape i'd vape it
  8. i would make a gravity bong and hit that.. if you havent done it before it will get u feeling pretty good
  9. I would save it until a really stressful day, and smoke it all in one session
  10. I'd send it down in a blaze of glory - RIGHT NOW!
  11. buy some more bud. then roll a gram blunt and take it to your dome.
  12. When I'm down to that little I'll just smoke a bowl or so to get that little buzz going, normally before class. That way when I re-up I still have a little left over to add to it :)
  13. id smoke it anyway I possibly could. Simple as that.
  14. i would get more buddd
  15. Agree 100%

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