if you live in the USA read this!!!!!

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  1. House Approves ISP Monitoring Bill

    House Approves ISP Monitoring Bill - Augusta Political Buzz | Examiner.com


    What does this mean for this website now? Im pretty worried, if they can monitor and see all the threads and hours i spend on this website and if they saw my amazon and ebay accounts searching for growing supplies and pretty obvious things in that nature.

    anyways, thoughts?? :confused_2:
  2. That bill is BEYOND unconstitutional...
  3. don't make a thread to draw attention to yourself ;)
  4. They'd only use it for huge things if anything. Not some guy growing a few plants smoking a little pot. Onyx for like tons and shitt
  5. They wanna see your porn.
  6. This is so fucked up. There just going to use it to "blame" Americans of being terrorist. This is just one step closer to a revolt. This is going to piss more people off, and once enough people get pissed.... well The Revolution Begins!

  7. right... there are plenty of other things that piss americans off but still I see no change... :rolleyes: when the Revolution happens if ever, I'll join but till then lol not a god damn things going to get done.
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    There is no way this is going to get past the Senate. This is a Republican run bill that will never get the appropriate number of votes from the Democratically run Senate. Plus Obama will veto this bill. This reminds me of another stupid Republican bill---The Patriot Act--- which allowed law enforcement access to ISP logs without a warrant. The Patriot Act didn't stop me and neither will this stupid bill.
  9. I believe TOR prevents your ISP from logging your web site visits. Just shows that you visited a TOR server.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    I know nothing has happened yet but protests (which they dont do a fucking thing) but there is a time and a place for everything bro. We owe to much money for our government to stay this strong, there going to have to make some major policy changes if America still wants to exist.

    Either way we are going to go into the worst recession the world has seen. In fact it will be a chain reaction to the rest of the world. Once that happens Running water and electricity will be an outrages price. Oil will most likely not be there. You will go into your grocery store to buy food with the little money you found and they wont even have any food to sell you.

    And when shit gets this bad ill tell you what the people will rise to power where they should be. "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."-Thomas Jefferson. This is the backbone of my reasoning.
  11. Does anyone actually think the government will have people who do nothing but search for people connecting to marijuana web sites. I think not. Our government has way too many other issues to wast time and money on.
  12. Wow just like the internet cencorship there calling it a bull shit name when really it's just another way to suppres the freadom of information, don't mind me i'm going to smash some shit now :mad:

  13. Yeh..................................the feds don't though that's who will be doing this not politiotions feds.
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    I did a little research. The bill was sponsored by Lamar S. Smith (R tx-21). This is the same guy who killed the ending marijuana prohibition act that was sponsored by Ron Pual, another republican from texas.

    What the hell is going on. The election last year of all these tea party candidates, who claimed they were against any further evasion of freedoms, expansion of the federal government, and to allow local governments have greater freedom and rights. Yet, the republicans/tea party have this guy as the head of the judiciary committee?
  15. I think this is in the wrong section btw.
  16. Imma act like a terrorist all over the internet and when they come for me they gonna look dumb as hell
  17. guess I'm going to jail
  18. Eh this would really only affect terrorists and big time criminals. They have better things to do than go after every small grower or pot smoker. Not that it even matters considering this won't pass the senate.
  19. calm down people even if this does pass the senate and the pres, a judge would block it, jesus christ
  20. And Obama didn't re-up the Patriot Act, did he? Oh wait... :rolleyes:
    Obama is a friggin NEOCON. Call him what you want, but the guy is not an enemy of Republicans. Its all THEATER.

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