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If you like hearing about trivial problems you'll love this!

Discussion in 'General' started by Atlas, May 30, 2009.

  1. I sleep on a love seat, have to take care of my grandmother with Alzheimer's as a result I am unable to go to school (nor was I able to finish high school) haven't seen a doctor in five years my ex cheated on me left me got pregnant and want's me to take care of the kid i never really talked to my father (the only times we did he was yelling at me for doing something wrong) two days out of the week my crack head sister comes over and makes things worse and i wanna die but i cant because there will be no one to take care of my grandmother. :D But your life is worse I bet.
  2. You sure do carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, Atlas! Badum-psh.

    Stay strong man, a lot of times the biggest success stories come from people who are in really stressful life situations, and then get really motivated and beat other lesser men out of their way on the path to greatness.

    And if you do end up getting custody, be sure to bring the child up in a good environment.

    Your situation is the kind of time that I can really see weed helping :D
  3. It's not mine, all i wanna do is die in the army or peace corps... I have no future, I never made it past 9th fucking grade.
  4. Plenty of people have succeeded that don't show signs of even getting past middle school!

    Seriously, I hate to sound like a motivational speaker, but you can overcome. Success in life is pure willpower. You CAN turn this rut you're in into something positive.

    Even if you start out by just working retail somewhere, if you show more motivation than anybody else you can get promoted to manager in due time.
  5. First i need a high school education, i cant go to school if i cant leave my grand mother on her own.
  6. Do you hate yourself?

    You sound just like me..

    But apparently you hate me.

    So thats why I ask if you hate yourself.
  7. I'm not you, i don't hate people.
  8. So..

    Your sister is a crackhead and you want to die, yet, you don't hate people?

    Don't make me laugh.
  9. Why would that make me hate people? She's one person... not humanity as a whole.
  10. Sounds like a fucked up life.
  11. Well if you only hate one person then I have no comment.

    But surely you hate more than one person, making that people.
  12. But i don't hate humanity.
  13. the best advice in a situation like this is to realize, things can rele only go one way from here, thats up.
  14. I don't want to seem rude, but...

    Who is paying for your internet connection?/How are you paying for your internet connection?

    If you don't have an education, it's less likely you have a job to pay the bills. In this economy, internet is almost a luxury if you scrubbing toilets...

    Just saying.
  15. Whats hating people have to do with hating humanity?
  16. I know what think that will cure all this...

    Sweet sticky weed.

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