If you knew someone was gonna get busted would you tip them off?

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  1. I know this cute dealer chick and her bf who a little birdie told me the 5-0 was getting ready to bust her after surveillance. I know it's none of my business but fuck dude... What a bummer. She just graduated last year and was going to university.
  2. Yes.  Truth be told, 9 times out of 10 it's not true.  Cops don't tell others about who they are going to bust.  But if you think it's legit information, you should tell them IMO.
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    If they're busting her for dealing, then I would tip them off. 
    But if it's for a whole other issue, then maybe getting involved wouldn't be the best. 
  4. yeah i'd definitely tip them off. Getting arrested for dealing would suck.
  5. It's more than likely some he said she said bullshit. I mean seriously how legit can your source be? Are you connected that well? Come on now.
  6. If it was a friend I would let them stash shit at my house. As long as its just cannabis.
  7. Id mention you heard it, but that you arent 100% on if its true, so that she can decide to act or not.
  8. Actually i am connected that well.
  9. Yeah of course
  10. You betcha.
    I had a sheriff's son tell me one time. Saved my ass big time.
    Cops don't make busts because they're really, really smart. They only know what somebody has told them. So telling your friends what you heard is fair game.
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    I'd inform her. That stuff can rly mess with a professional career. 
  12. fuck are you saying you didn't help her!?

    of course i would tell somebody! i wouldn't even wish getting caught on my worst enemy

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  13. nah, it's probably bullshit. the cops don't give two fucks about this random little girl dealing.
    so annoying when the smallest-time dealer in the world is super paranoid about the police like they're some kingpin.
  14. Id tell her what I heard, and tell her just to be a little careful about dealing.
    Hey man, gettin busted is gettin busted.  And nobody wants that shit.  And you know cops start at the bottom right? bust a user, get them to roll over, bust the dealer, bust their dealer and so on and so on.  It just sucks that cops do this to potheads instead of going after worthy/violent criminals.
  16. I wish someone would have told me. :cool:
  17. Definitely let her know if you think its 100% true. at the same time, you don't wanna scare somebody for no reason so tread carefully
  18. Of course!
    They are putting themselves at risk to get me my meds, it would be the least I could do
  19. Here's what you do.
    Ask the girl if she will drop off a sack to you right after you give an anonymous tip to the cops that there is a huge drug deal going on at the boyfriends house.
    The boyfriend gets arrested. You make her your wife while he is in prison.
  20. for weed id tell them nobody should be busted for weed

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