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If you have a blood test with doctor will they mention thc?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OGgarfield, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. I might have to go for a blood test soon as I haven't had one in a long time, are they gonna bring up the THC in my system? There's gonna be a lot.
  2. Check the form they have you sign beforehand. If it doesn't say anything about a drug test you're fine.
  3. IDK about the doctor/patient laws in the UK, but in Canada, even if they find THC, nothing they can do about it without your permission unless you're under 16...
  4. Thanks for the help. The doctor asked if I smoke and I said no, can she say/do anthing if I admit to smoking cannabis? Want to make sure before I admit that.
  5. Depends on the privacy laws there...maybe a fellow countryman knows? :confused_2:

    Here they can't do shit as long as you're of age...
  6. You should make sure your doctor knows you smoke anyway. I go through many procedures linked to my crohn's disease and I always make sure when they ask what medications I am on I always list marijuana.

    But can they tell the police? no.
  7. I'm of age. I think I'll tell her next time I go then.
  8. They can see it. But they won't give a shit at all. It's not hurting you or causing any problems so there's nothing they can do.
  9. Might as well be honest bro cause then the doc can diagnose you better and give you shit to help abd she def
    Won't question you about use it's just like
    Do you smoke?
    Okay ( fills out misilabeous forms)
  10. no...

    and a doctor will never say weed is bad for you..cause its not

    maybe if you have asmtha though or something you might get a caution...
  11. Do you mean "will they mention it in the results"?
    The answer is no.
    I know this, as I've actually done the research and asked for a test to see if I was clear of marijuana.
    Those tests go to a seperate lab, and it's a seperate service.
    THC does not come up on standard medical bloodwork.

    ...Though if you're getting drug tested, you're getting drug tested...
  12. No.Just be careful on what their doing (you don't want it to be a drug test).They cant tell if there's cannabis in your system with a blood test.
  13. Where I'm from (Miami) to screens are standard practice and marijuana will show up. But that is your medical record and the hospital staff cannot disclose details of anyone's medical records. Unless you are on probation or something you're good.
  14. But to answer your title question they can talk with you about it if you wanted. Your Doctor is like a good lawyer. If they're good at what they do they need to know the truth and is only concerned with getting you the best outcome.

  15. smoking is not the only way to use marijuana ;)
  16. [quote name='"OGgarfield"']Thanks for the help. The doctor asked if I smoke and I said no, can she say/do anthing if I admit to smoking cannabis? Want to make sure before I admit that.[/quote]

    My doctor knows I'm a stoner and honestly doesnt really care
  17. Thanks for the information guys, just wanted to be risk free.

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