If you had to take a shot for every person youve ever had sex with...

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Greenunit, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Would you be fine, tipsy, drunk or dead?
    I'd be a little tipsy, but I'm also a bit of a lightweight.

  2. Dead, many times over.....
  3. 3 shots to the head, now hes dead
  4. id definitely be feeling good
  5. Depends, what are we shooting?
    I'd say good n buzzed, definitely not dead as I've taken in the upwards of 15 shots before and lived through it(I know i'm super cool brah).
  6. I might be slightly tipsy
  7. Pretty drunk.
  8. Com-a-tose.
  9. Seriously drunk?  (I'm not a whore)
  10. Can we smoke blunts instead of doing shots? Haha. I'd be feeling good but not drunk... just riiiiight
  11. [​IMG], kinda a lightweight tho 
  12. I don't drink so I guess I'd be drunk regardless but it's not as if I was being a sex minded individual
  13. I might be a little tipsy, but like you I am also a lightweight. :)
  14. Shots?  Passed out!
    Beers? - Very damn drunk!
    This here. Let's assume it's whiskey. I suppose I'd be feeling it. 
  16. Tipsy, bordering on drunk.
  17. A little tipsy.
  18. For every person; wouldn't even feel it. For every time; I'd be dead

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