If you had to lose one sense?

Discussion in 'General' started by Blix, Dec 29, 2003.


Which would you pick to lose

  1. Hearing

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  2. Sight

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  3. Smell

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  4. Taste

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  5. Touch

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  1. If you had to lose one sense, but you could pick which one,
    which would you pick?
  2. im def, gunna go with smell cuz i feel its the one that i would care less if i lost
  3. i'd prolly go with taste, then i could smoke dirt weed n not worry bout the taste, i could eat really nasty food thats all healthy n stuff, and lick endless amounts of pussy, it'd be good haha.
  4. Definitley taste. I could not live without touch, sight, or hearing, and I love the smell of certain things.
  5. smell, as we live out of harms way really of anything smelly

    my logic rules
  6. hearing or taste...

    hearing because you can still communicate and see and taste and smell and everything about weed is a o.k.

    taste because then your life is still full of all experience, except foood.
  7. Smell, definitely. I would need to see Nature, Hear people around me, Taste that great big steak, and I'm pretty sure you would want your sense of touch for sex. So smelling is out.
  8. If I had a choice, I wouldn't choose to loose any thing...

    If I lost one of my senses, I wouldn't be able to choose any way..

    Logical answer if ever I saw one..
  9. i also choose smell, i can nver smell anything most of the time anyways because my nose is always snuffed up. one thing i would miss about the smell would be smellin insence and sticky ass buds

  10. too true...
  11. Its true--SMELL AND TASTE GO TOGETHER! I know because I have lost most of both. I guess it dosent affect my daily life much but I do miss the smell of good food, grass, and women. I dont know why it went away, its taken some years to go away gradually. I have heard that many old people have this problem.

    So why me--71 isnt old. I can still smell the skunks but I can't smell the roses. Still, if I have to lose any senses, better this than sight or hearing:smoking:
  12. I couldn't loose hearing because of music.
    I couldn't loose feel because of pleasure.
    I couldn't loose smell and taste because of food.
    And I couldn't loose sight because of...girls.
  13. very true outaker...very true...wisely put lol
  14. I would choose smell because i wouldn't want to lose any of them other senses at all, not one bit.

  15. Then you wouldn't know if you smelled like sweet mary jane as the police officer presents himself at your window, ready to ask for your license and registration...
  16. either smell or taste...but I think they kinda codepend on eachother...peace
  17. Taste. We only need to eat what is necessary for survival so if I couldn't taste all of that yummy food then I'd eat only the stuff that's good for me so I'd win in the end. :) I'd ditch the tasting one for sure...if I had to ditch one at all.

  18. Right...but how many others do. I think if you went around without hearing for a day, like if you wore those really padded ear muffs that you use when you are around heavy machinery then you'd realize how much you take hearing for granted.
  19. Definately smell.

    I noticed nobody said touch, because then there would be no point in sex :eek:
  20. smell, everything else is way too important in my life.

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