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Discussion in 'General' started by ShadowBud, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. If you met the perfect person, everything you wanted in someone BUT they said if you want to see them you can never smoke bud again, would you do it? (& don't say "oh my perfect guy/girl would moke" I just want to know what ppl would choose.)
  2. penis. shaven preferably. and if possible not to many bulgy veins?

  3. Depends on their reasons. If they know nothing about it and are just saying that, then thats not someone I want to be with. If she has a problem with it because maybe her brother/dad/friend had serious problems with drugs and she really cares, then probably
  4. oh my perfect girl would smoke :smoke: sorry, but for real
  5. I wouldn't smoke. It's just weed, I would never put a substance before a person, specially the perfect girl for me.
  6. i would choose weed and find another girl that is almost perfect but likes weed because she would actually be more perfect. does that make sense?
  7. Same. I want to enjoy life as much as possible, there is nothing wrong with smoking IMO if you have your priorities straight, a girl saying that if I want to be with her I have to not smoke then that's a red flag to me that she has some control issues and that is not the perfect girl for me. Not just marijuana, anything that I like to do that isn't harming myself or anyone else, if she doesn't like smoking OKAY, I wouldn't force that on her but she can respect what I like to do to relax, if I'm abusing amphetamines everyday or getting piss drunk and just passing out and not spending time with her or getting into arguments because of it, then that's a different story. If I'm spending my whole paycheck on bongs and weed and can't pay my chip of the bills, that's a different story.
  8. theres a girl im trying to get with, i'd give up bud for her.

    you only said bud tho, id still smoke cigs and do pills and whatnot :p
  9. I have a feeling that the same reason she didn't want me smoking would interfere with too many other things in my life. As mushroom said, (also congrats on 5000) it would depend on her reason, but I would expect the girl of my dreams to accept my vices as I would accept hers. As long as it's under control, there should be no issue.
  10. Depends how good the sex is ;)
  11. only if she gives he dome at will, but I dont have to go down on her! :D

    that is THE perfect girl!

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