If you had one day left to live

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  1. Lets say you have a terminal illness that exactly one day from now will cause your nervous system to shut down and you will die. What would you do in that period of time?

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  2. Throw a huge party at a nice church/graveyard and have my funeral in the morning.
  3. Call up my closest fam and a friend or 2.  Get high as fuck have a good meal and chill and laugh.
  4. stay home and weep..
  5. Why? Energy never dies. I don't believe consciousness ever dies. I think it just transfers from being to being. I'm sure we die many "deaths." The human experience is probably nothing compared to other experiences.
  6. I also agree with this. We just have absolutely no recollection of the past experience.
  7. Drive 8 hours to Tennessee and go out with a bang, hanging with my best bud! :metal:

    After I tell my parents I love em.
  8. I had a dream that I died and I was a ball of energy floating through space. It was so beautiful.
  9. Break into a pedo prison and get to shooting!
  10.  *breaks out enemy list*
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    Jet ski off a waterfall, while smoking a joint filled with Blue Dream with a parachute on of course. After that i'll eat a ton of Strawberry Cheesecake and enjoy my fast metabolism.
  12. I probably think about this scenario too often. My first desire is to spend it with my family, but it takes 24 hours just to get to them.

    So with that off the table, I'm just going to party, bro. Let's drink and dance and laugh for the next 24 hours straight. Watch the sun rise and set, jump in the ocean, turn the music up, and live like it's the last day ever.
  13. Nothin. Take a nap. Play a game on my phone.
  14. Don't have much friends so I couldn't do something epic so if probably just smoke a joint and think about the afterlife..
    how are you sure?
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    Shag my birds sister, she is gagging for it but I haven't acted on it.

    But day left to live id have to plough the sister , and fuck it I would peg the mum aswell lol
  17. I would skate, smoke, and eat to my hearts content. Smoke more, play one last time with my dogs before getting them a new owner, call my family and tell them i love them, call my best friend and tell her how much i love her. Then light a joint and close my eyes for the last few seconds of life. I dont know what i want my last words to be.

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  18. Dance, fuck, eat, and love.
  19. I would really try to make the best day I possibly could out of it, and of course trying to spend time with or call as many friends and family as possible, but to a certain extent.
    It would be nice to be a millionaire for my last day alive, not sure if that is in the rules or not but It would be nice. It would allow me to do many things i've never done before.
  20. I would do every unmentionable drug ever like meth, pcp, heroin, coke because it doesn't matter if I get addicted.
    Right before I die, I would trip right the fuck out on some DMT then overdose on heroin so I go out feeling like a god.

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