If you go to parties......

Discussion in 'General' started by GimmieMore, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. .........Just for the passed out chicks.......

    This is you.

    Be ashamed.

  2. I love cyanide and happiness!

    PS: Anyone who can only get some from a passed out chick is a fucker IMO.
  3. LoL,

    but really fuck people who do that, it happened to me on my 16th birthday, woke up with a guy like on top of me wtf
  4. i know some c**t who tried hooking up with a passed out chick and tried doing something else. we removed him from the premises quick smart.
  5. [​IMG]

    This is exactly how stupid they are.....

    Its really not hard to get laid.... and its much better when the person is concious......
  6. Obviously I am not nor would I ever advocate sexually assaulting a passed out girl...

    ...but it's pretty stupid to drink so much that you pass out at a party, how about a little self-control for the block
  7. ^^ most definately true........

    and Cali...... WTF?
  8. watch the movie K.I.D.S.
  9. :hello::hello:
  10. that dude died of an OD :(
  11. your thinking of Harold Hunter. .

    cocaine overdose.

  12. I'm Casper, the friendly ghost / The DOPEST ghost in town / All the bitches love me 'cause I'm fuckin' CASPER / The DOPEST ghost around.
  13. love that song:hello:
  14. The Aesop quote on your sig probably..daylight

  15. Word.
  16. that is a fucked up movie
  17. a fucked up beautiful movie

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