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If you get ripped off, would you tell your dealer that you know he ripped u off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420GanjaMan, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. So I have a question. I met this guy through my friend back in October of last year. I've been buying weed from him regularly and usually he sells me the right stuff and amount, sometimes just a bit off. However, today I picked up what was supposed to be a "quarter" but it was more like 5 grams for 90 bucks (of some really good weed though i have to admit)... So should I ask him to at least give me another g, or should I let it pass or what.. I dont bring a scale anymore when picking up because usually he gets me the right amount.

    So what should I do??... BTW sorry for such a NOOB question lol :rolleyes:
  2. What would you tell me to do?:cool:
  3. Tell him that you noticed you were a couple of G off and if he could hook up up with what he owes you or if he can hook up up with more for your next buy. Don't let him rip you off or else it'll continue to happen. Even if he doesn't do anything about it, at least he knows you are paying attention.
  4. It happened to me once. The next time I told him he shorted me .8 and he gave me an extra gram.

    If he's a businessman then he'll make it right. If he's some kid who's just making an extra buck then they may or may not have done it on purpose. Never hurts to mention it though.
  5. Always

    They just to see if you won't notice and try to make a couple extra bucks. They get called out all the time.

  6. This. Don't be a pushover man, he's gonna keep ripping you off. If anything, stop buying from him.
  7. definetly say some, if he did it on purpose and denies it, fuck him find a new dealer. If it was an accident/he reinburses you then its sweet
  8. I'm sorry but when you say you don't bring your scales...does that mean you no longer have them?
    As well as you think you can eyeball it, I've been wrong many times after some year experience with weed.
    Not saying this is the case, but I will say this - If you don't have a scale, you don't have a leg to stand on, at all. So get one.

    On the other hand if you DO have scales and you've taken it back home to find it's under weight - that's another issue.
    At this point I'd bring it up with them. Say they were short.
    If they deny it, TELL them you have a calibrated scale and you're not wrong.

    Tell them you don't want to have to bring the scales over every time, so check their shit.

    I wouldn't expect to get what was missing back though, just being realistic there.
  9. Dude,my cuz did the same to first timmers,if he gets away with it,it means your a pushover and its gonna keep happening...let that jacka** know right off the bat your serious about your sh*t,its YOUR money.Homeboy seems to be testin to see what kind of person you are
  10. Ya, you always tell em if its short, no matter what. Even though I've been on the other side of that and would get pissed the fuck off when people complain about weights (most of the time it was just me getting people's bags mixed up and I'd end up shorting one person and giving another way too much), you still gotta say something. Although ya, honestly it pisses a dealer off when you complain, chances are if you say "yo, that 'oz' was only 26g", they'll just take your word for it and toss you a few gs.

    If they give you a "this isn't walmart, no returns" type response, tell them to fuck off and that you wont but buying from them again.

  11. I told him and next time I picked up (today) I paid the price of an eight but he gave me 2 extra grams... WIN!! :D:smoke:
  12. If he explicitly stated that it would be up to quarter standards and you know for a fact it's only 5 grams then you should just ask him about it.
  13. i usually let it slide if its just once or twice and as long as its not off by too much. if it happens more than that i just find a new dealer. i like to avoid confrontation. and since you didnt burn your bridge with the old guy you can always hit him up as a plan B
  14. Tell him to eat shit and die

  15. Probably not a great idea buddy. Would be funny though. :)
  16. Did I really fucking say u? Was I high or drunk?
  17. Sarcasm is always fun... it's the best way to jokingly call someone an asshole.
  18. Glad to hear it worked out for you!
  19. Nice, glad he hooked you up. He was probably testing you.

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