If you friend killed somebody, would you help them to dispose of the body?

Discussion in 'General' started by grassboy, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I have had some strange propositions in my lifetime but the most shocking and weird came today.

    A friend asked to meet up with me today which was out of the blue becuase we don't usually see each other during the week. So we met up at a small bar a few miles away from both our houses (even weirder). Anyway I got there late trying to find the damn place, and my friend was sitting there waiting. So we started talking but whereas he is normally the joker of the two of us he was really serious.

    Anyway to cut a long story short he said he was going to kill somebody (wouldn't tell me who) and asked if I would help him.

    Am I now an accomplice because I know what he might do. Should I go to the cops???

    fuck man
  2. I see ur from spain so i dont know ur laws...but in the US...if u were aware of the murder...then ur an accomplice...especially if u help dispose of the body lol

    if you help him chance are u will both get caught and both go to jail even if you only an accomplice.
  4. But I know that he "might" do something do I still need to tell the police? But he is a good friend
  5. well posting from you home computer was smart..

    your off to a good start.. Now what you have to do is call the police and just hang up.. then go help him and you probably wont get cough..

    Seriously maybe you should just go talk to him yourself... If this is even really happening. i find it hard to believe someone would talk to their friend about killing someone and then post about it on an open forum
  6. I wouldn't do time for him...

    He has to handle his own stuff. As for calling the cops, thats up to you.
  7. Fuck it, I going to tell him I am going to call the cops.
  8. How serious is he killing about this person? was it just a drunk thought?

    or is this guy really serious about this ?

    if he really for real id talk to the cops. I normally frown upon snitching but somebody's life is on the line
  9. why not try to talk him out of it?
  10. This is pretty serious I think it's not like him. I do know that things have been bad for him recently.
  11. Someone like that, hell no. Only under certain circumstances would I might do that
  12. i dont know if it would be a good idea to TELL HIM youre going to tell the cops... if you do, make sure youre in a busy public place.
    but id just try to talk him out of it, yknow? i mean killing someone is an EXTREME decision
    definitely DONT help him..
  13. tell him no, and not to ask him again

    also, assure him that you're not going to call the police, and keep your word

    just avoid being involved into the situation all together

    him telling you about it is too much already
  14. just call ur friend and talk him out of it. dont go to prison for helping him. tell him if he does dont involve u.:smoking:
  15. There is no way I am going to help him thats for sure. I jsut don't want my name being brought up if anything happens. At the same time i don't want to lose a friend.
  16. No fuck that, he just wants someone to go down with him. If you kill someone its your fucking responsibility to clean it up. (If that's the route you choose)

  17. i agree with that, too
  18. it may even be too late. Since you think he's serious then you're already an accomplice.

    I don't know what advice to give you.
  19. How close are you?

  20. Hell know, I wouldn't be willing to go to prison for any of my friends. And any real friend wouldn't ask you to put yourself in that position.

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