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    Morally-Outraged Residents Stop Commercial Marijuana Businesses in California City

    With other cities around them permitted stores and unpermitted / Prop 215 shops popping up everywhere even with bans, what a waste of time. These sheltered people need to get a life. This will do nothing to alleviate any of their "concerns". Funny to watch people against weed scramble with useless gestures and futile battles, like a last whimper before going down...

    I actually hate these people and looked forward to their inevitable outrage when this happens. Part of the fun of watching weed come out of the shadows is to rub it in their faces and watch them not be able to do anything about it.

    I have a buddy and his anti-weed neighbor tried screaming at him recently over him smoking weed in his own house / backyard. Now he makes it a point to be as obnoxious and smelly as possible. Fuck these entitled people, just leave the state.
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  2. [​IMG]
    ...and to think these people need it more than us ? ...lol

    being Asian in majority, I can only imagine they see weed as akin

    to something more sinister in their history ...perhaps?
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  3. Just wait won't be long and you will need a permit to smoke comes with legalization, and just wait till the lawyers get involved
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  4. What makes this downright hilarious is this is the city.
    Hell they couldn't even keep the 6 lane bowling alley open as it was closed and shuttered last time I came through.
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  5. I still try to be discreet, I'm not gonna blaze up when my neighbor is playing ball outside with his kid. I like that neighbor so it is more of a respect thing. I think being a dick about it just fuels the anti pot fire, and makes me no better than the anti fanatics.

    On the other hand my county in WA has banned all outdoor growing except licensed commercial growers that were in before the lock. My city won't allow any dispenserys. We have a bunch of old, out of touch people on the city council. They still think they should be entitled to some of the tax revenue pie tho. Hopefully state govt gives them the caddyshack response, " you'll get nothing and like it"
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    The neighbor is a blatant anti pot jackass not just someone minding his own business homie left his window open one day and smokes out back sometimes late at night and he started crying. I can't say I blame him these people are atrocious they're always looking to attack people for any reason related to pot. Hetried being nice about it and talk it over and offered him a box of fruit and the guy was still a dick.
    As flawed as Prop 64 is this is one of the things I actually enjoy about it is I knew these types of people around here would start getting salty fast. Props to people who don't like weed but are more rational about dealing with it...
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  7. The only response I have for these people :

    It's the law! And the law is the law...
  8. I know people like that, thankfully none of them live in the getto where I live. I am sure there were lots of pricks like that after alchohol prohibition ended too.

    I worked on a farm, trimming for a few weeks, talk about dirty looks. Of course I reeked, no way to avoid it. It is really easy to tell who smokes when you smell like you have a lb in your pocket. I had one guy just freaking out, opened the door to his little business and was fanning the air like the smell was some sort of toxic gas. I wanted to rub up against everything in his crappy little store but took the high road, I apologized for my weed bo explained I worked on a farm and left.
    Then 3 of us from the farm cashed our checks together and the tellers were all grinning from ear to ear. That was the farms bank. Turns out some of the bigger federal banks might actually close your account if you deposit money from the industry. We still have a long way to go but eventually I think people will get used to it.
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  9. People that are against cannabis use sometimes only wake up when they or one of their relatives needs it for medical treatment.

    Guarantee that if you took a blood sample from random voters in Milipitas, a majority would test positive for one or more of alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs, nicotine or caffeine, all of which have cause 1000 times more harm than weed.

    Asian cultures in general are much more strict with drugs and who knows what propaganda theses voters were subjected to.
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  10. I am very discreet with my Cannabis. Even though my state isn't legal yet I would still be. I do not really like Tobacco or Alcohol, but I do not go running around throwing a hissy fit. I just do not partake in it. It's simple as that.
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  11. I worked at the only hydro shop in Cal City.
    The reason they decided to legalize there was to give their very depressed economy a shot in the arm.
    The anti group's out there are vocal but honestly they kinda got a little help to their cause from the cannabis industry.
    One of the permitted growers out there started clearing virgin land without proper land development permits.
    Cal City came in to inspect and found protected owl burrows and active tortoise burrows.
    Both are endangered species.
    Resulted in the state getting involved and now anyone with virgin land trying to get a growers permit has to go through environmental impact studies for the land to be developed into cannabis farms.
    Each EIS takes 5 to 7 years to complete.
    Most of the land that has been set for cannabis industry in Cal City is virgin land.
    My friend Ray invested pretty much everything he had to open his shop in California City.
    I don't even know if the shop is still open.
    I hope he's seeing some degree of success.
    I got laid off from his shop on 4/20 of this year.
    Kinda ironic...
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  12. While I would like those people to be shot you can't tell people you disagree with to leave the country.
    Hitler tried that with jews at the start.
    Later he actually succeeded though his methods were rather extreme. Not to say genocidal
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  13. Believe me, South Korea will fucking give you a long prison sentence if caught...I've read somewhere that koreans that reside in Canada for school or have a work Visa cannot consume mmj , they are subject to testing upon arriving in their mother land. If caught, their ass is grass..pardon my pun.
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  14. Yeah I read that too called double jeopardy I think

    so if you kill a guy

    you get lynched in one state then the needle in your home state ....lol

  15. Not tryna stereotype here, but they all seem to be asian. What do Asians have against pot???
  16. It's a cultural thing and also most asian government's treat it like hard drugs.

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  17. My son in law is stationed there as an M.P.

    When we visited, we wanted to bring CBD oil with us. A BIG NO-NO!

    It's a really cool (and kind of wierd) country
    But they don't tolerate any type of drug abuse.

    Lots of alcohol consumption though.

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  18. "Protect our environment" :D
  19. And then there is Desert Pot Springs. Whore of the Coachella valley. A town of 40k has 7 stores and half the town is cultivation factories. So I grow in and outdoors. Been here 30 years. So my walls u can just see right into my backyard. My neighbors are cool. Hell when friends walk by they say damn Jr, I can smell the nugs all the way to the end if the street. My reply. Getting pretty good at farming??

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  20. What a funny contradiction.

    I wish they could see the lesser of two evils, I'm sorry I'm full of stereotypes here, but aren't they supposed to be the smart ones??? Some of them see what's up.

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