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If you cruise bowls always have a pack of Cigs in the car

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by procommunism, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Today i was smoking blunts and cruising and a cop followed me for like a mile and finnaly pulled me over for some bullshit reason. my friend and i lit our cigs and filled the car with smoke and he didnt smell anything. Let me off with a warning no questions asked other than the basics.. Emergency cigs are a life saver
  2. true good idea
  3. I try to do this every time I get in a car with weed on me. So far, it's worked every time I've been pulled over. And the times I forgot, they new. Luckily I haven't been in trouble and have just had some REALLY close calls, and EXTREME luck with getting cops that will let me off even though they could charge me with a couple felonies for the amount of weed I've had on a few occasions. But as you've mentioned, a pack of emergency cigs in a car is DEFINITELY a life saver if you're smoking cannabis.
  4. I always do lol just in case I get pulled...haven't yet thankfully
  5. This is what got me hooked on cigs :(.

    I always had a pack on me when i carried weight back in day in case i ever got pulled over and chained smoked those fuckers until i got back to where i was going with it to relieve the stress and cover the smell.

    They are very handy i agree but also very addicting be careful because once theyre there youre gunna want one more and more until that emergency cig becomes a after bowl cig to a hey im in the car lets have a cig and so on.
  6. You kids shouldn't be going around smoking and driving. It's just dumb and asking to get caught. You might feel like a bad ass but believe me its not worth it.
  7. I never really carried a bowl on me....somes a blunt or a joint. I toss the roach when finished.
  8. I didn't start smoking cigs till I joined the army back in 08. Smoked bud before then. Had to put the herb down for 4 years.. now that I'm out it really helps to cover the smell. I dont really roll n bowl any more, but if I have some on me in a car I always have a red burning.
  9. I dont understand why youd drive while high... just do it at home and nobody will get hurt (or arrested)
  10. nice idea, but i wouldnt recommend this to non-smokers

  11. Because driving while high is nothing short of a magnificent experience.
  12. yeah, but getting charged with paraphernlia and/or possession in your car, plus with a DUI under those circumstances is a good way to fuck up your life

    smoke before you drive if you drive at all

  13. I agree that driving with glass isn't too smart, but I have no problem smoking a joint while I drive. If John Q. Law decides to pull me over then fuck it, I'll ditch the roach and spray my car down with Febreze in the short amount of time I have until he waddles over to my door.
  14. What happens when they see you ditch the j and smell weed with fabreze sprayed over it.

  15. I'll swallow the weed and tell the officer all about the wonderful new marijuana-smelling Febreze that I recently purchased :D

  16. Wish I lived in the state you did, any smell in my car would result in a search. I don't put myself in situations that would fuck me over like that.

    You can continue to, but round here where the smallest amount of weed crumbs found will honestly fuck you over.
  17. Wouldn't it be easier to just smoke before you drive? That way if you do get pulled over you won't have weed on you and your car won't smell. Maybe I'm just simple minded but that seems a lot easier to me :p
  18. Ya, but sometimes you wanna smoke while you drive too. Also, sometimes it's -35 and windy, and all of the weed in your bowl gets blown out by the wind while your hands freeze. It's nice to smoke in a car with your buddies cruisin around sometimes.
  19. thats what i did in highschool.. even though i was underage, i would rather get the nasty looks and annoying lectures from teachers about cigs, than get suspended and harassed for the rest of my time at that school for smelling like dizzank..

    needless to say, i havent stopped smoking cigs since.. im ADDICTED.:smoking::smoking:
  20. I always light a cigarette after a blunt, like car or not :cool:

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