if you could...

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. ...have one hour w/a hot female or one hour inside of a huge garden of dank which would you chose and why?
  2. To do whatever i wanted with a hot ass female? I'd prolly take that.

    Unless i could get in the garden, And shit be ready for picking and curing. And i had a hour to get as much as i could. I'd chose that.
  3. if you give me a truck or a basket in the garden, fo sho
  4. yeah i am going to have to go with the garden to i would rather get the girl myself and who dosent want free weed:hello::smoking:
  5. ...that's a good one, i don't last long :eek: so the hour would really be like a couple minutes... so i'll have to go with the garden of reefer...but don't think i'd be able to hold my excitement there either:p i'd splooge all over myself

  6. hahahahahahha yeah you would
  7. If u give me a pack of pack of industrial trash bags and let me loose in that garden, i'll garentee u every bag will be full to the point that I can't close it with weed, and maby grab a couple seeds wile i'm at it.
  8. One hour with a hot female? Why? So we could sit around and talk about all the hot stoner guys for an hour?! Give me the garden of dank... with a pipe and a lighter preferably.... and then let me loose in a grocery store for another hour! :D
  9. man weed is weed. a girl is the most amazing beautiful thing in the world. theres nothing like a nice, wet, hot naked chick man. ohhhhh my.
  10. i would tie all of my clothes up and go home with a dank scarecrow.
  11. I choose the dank, I get to spend every day with the most beautiful girl in the world. HAHA! JOE>
  12. That was good man, I like that. +rep
  13. except you dont, cuz i do.

    haha i love my girl. but ill have her forever so id take the dank for a few.
  14. Yeah- really I kinda have to agree with this^^^

    As the old proverb says- give a man a hot girl for an hour and he'll have fun for an hour.

    Give a man a wheelbarrow and an hour in a field of weed... and he'll have fun for quite a few years after...
  15. Weed all the way I can get hot girls myself but its kind of hard to get a field full of dank.
  16. I would have to choose the greenhouse if it was all ready to be picked and I could just do a run through because I have no problem getting laid
  17. I GOT IT! because, as i said early, i wouldn't last long, i'd be obliged to going to the greenhouse after i finished up with the girl...
  18. LOL I'd say thats the best answere

  19. Who said anything about a wheelbarrow? Why doesn't the hot girl come with a wheelbarrow? And why do you guys think that you'd be able to take any weed home with you after the hour? Nothing in the question alludes to that. Why not take the hot girl home after the hour? And why the hell isn't a hot guy offered?

    What greenhouse? Is the hot girl in the greenhouse? Who said anything about a greenhouse? And why isn't there a hot guy in the greehouse with his own wheelbarrow that I can take home after the hour?!


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