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If you could only smoke one species indica or sativa for the rest of your life?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Marrijane420, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Which one would you choose and why? :smoke:
  2. Sativa without a doubt.
    Its just all round more fun than an indica.
    Hybrids are my favorite though.
  3. purple erkel is always fun no matter what
  4. I'd have to go with sativa, cause it REALLY gets those creative juices flowing. I love indica to no doubt, but I usually jam with my band or work on my raps after I get high, so I wouldnt just wanna be couchlocked, you know?:smoke:
  5. Sativa~ I can't get anything done when couch locked.

    Tho I'd cry a little each day for what I couldn't have.;)
  6. I'd be sad if I couldn't have both, before I had a card all I got was indicas because that's what the dealers would always have, love me some indicas but I wouldn't wanna go back to that, if I was forced to choose though it'd have to be indicas they help me with too many things such as sleeping/eating/relaxing better than sativas, as fun as sativas are
  7. Sativas are my favorite, I like sweet island skunk right now so I would go with that
  8. Indica, hands down, i'd smoke it 100% of the time if i could. i know most people prefer the sativa, but I love couch lock. when im not stoned i'm just naturally anxious and jittery, i was also an insomniac most of my life until i starting smoking and indica is perfect for these things. some good indica or a indica dominent hybrid (that sounds stupid) melts me into the couch, then the couch turns into a rollercoaster, its fucking great.
  9. 60/40 indica hybrid
  10. indica for sure, i can vape it if i want sativa-like effects but you can't smoke a sativa to get indica-like effects

    nobody said hybrids existed in this hypothetical world :smoke: defeats the purpose
  11. Looks like there's a lot of sativa fans out there :smoke:
  12. Indica cause they tend to hit harder. Sativa are usually more mellow. When I wanna get wrecked Indica is where its at.
  13. i got a oz of some fire ass purple urkle right now.
    indica with out a doubt. i like sativas but imo you cant get blowed back like you can with an indica. which is what im looking for most of the time.
  14. Me too :wave:
  15. I don't know if I've really smoked enough to know the differences all that well but I love a good thinking high so I'd have to say sativa.
  16. I thought you can't have a ration because the plant will grow it's natural coarse?

    For me, sativas get my way hyyer. With indica I can function and think normally but with sativa if someone asks me a question I have to think about it and I kind of sound a little slow. Just me maybe...
  17. aint nothin like hardly bein able to open your mouth
  18. purple kush i think or strawberry cough , or bubblegum kush i dont no there's so many to choose. :confused:
  19. Indica, without a doubt. I remember when I first started I used to get indica and then I always felt pushed down as if an invisible barrier was just pushing me down to whatever I was laying/sitting on. Super funny. I would laugh my hardest trying to get up off the floor.

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