if you could make your own bumper sticker...

Discussion in 'General' started by supernothing351, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. like the title says if you could make your own bumper sticker what would it say?

    here are mine...

    I'd rather be smoking weed. (I'd love to see people rect to that one)

    I'd rather be driving.

    If everyone drove like me, we'd all get the fuck where we need to go

    what you guys got?
  2. The reaction would be you seeing flashing lights in your rear view mirror....

    Thanks for the idea btw! :D
  3. I believe in drug testing....

    Which drugs should we try first?
  4. that my friend... is a fucking classic! :hello:
  5. HIT ME!

    But that's because I don't use bumper stickers.


    Imagine someone honking at you, then sitting behind you in traffic reading the sticker...
  6. that shit was fucking hirlarious +REP!
  7. save a doughnut kill a cop
  8. I didn't make this one but i thought it was heaps funny.....

    Cops suck too! (followed by a picture of a cop taking a hit)

  9. why cant you make your own bumper sticker?
  10. hey you, im high as fuck!
  11. I would give you the finger, but I'm holding a blunt
  12. If I could make a bumper sticker...

    It would say

    "Hemp oil cures cancer"

    Then post a link to the site containing Rick Simpson's documentary.
  13. Having a bumper sticker is like saying "lets never be friends"
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    494,000 results in .17 seconds?

    What is google?


    Edit: ^^ Truth. I got expelled a while back because a guy with an "Abortion kills" bumper sticker. He was driving drunk as hell at 10 mph..... We were late to school and baked, and it's pretty straight forward from there.

    Me and some friends saw him parked outside a McDonald's (Theres no other truck with so many racial and religous opinions in the world.). I mentioned it was the guys car who got me expelled and my friend hopped out and slashed a tire.

    Best belated birthday present EVER!!!!!!!
  15. go drive off a cliff
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    "The more people I meet the more I like my dog!"

  17. "Proud father of an Altar Boy." :laughing:

    "Every 30 minutes someone dies from marijuana."

    My old buddy used to carry wieght and he drove around with a D.A.R.E license plate and bumper sticker.

    HE NEVER GOT PULLED OVER. Black SUV with black tint too.....
  18. its Adam and Eve Not Adam and Steve
  19. "Im not drunk, Im in a salam course"
  20. -_- How original...

    Please stfu.

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