If you could go back to high school, what would you do differently?

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  1. I didn't become truly confident in myself until my senior year, I would go back to the start without any fucks to give
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    I would have gotten into lifting sooner, and put in time with girls who blossomed late and actually became pretty cute after high school, because those are the girls who have personalities, an actual brain, and who also have seen little to no action. So there's an appreciation of being one of the only few people to conquer the mountain, so to speak.
  3. Learned better time management skills earlier on, as well as impulse control.

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    O we are talking about giving fucks? I stopped giving a fuck towards the end of high school…. Should stopped giving a fuck a day I stepped in. Too much drama.
  5. I'd make sure I actually showed up for class this time.
  6. I would've kicked everyones fucking ass and boned my Science teacher.
    Fuck I hated high school.
  7. Dam man I would of probably focused more on my grades and took everything more seriously,back then I just went to school for the girls not to learn wish I took it more seriously.
  8. Would've never stopped lifting weights, tried out for the football team, and instead of picking my baby mama I would've chose her bestfriend instead.

    I've always had choices. Picked the wrong ones >_>
  9. You and me both man...
  10. She was also a doctor. Wore the white doctor jacket and everything. Always had skin-tight jeans, and that ass..... Oh man. I'll shut up now.
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    But your post was positive.
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    I would've dropped out a year sooner.
    I did get a GED later. That was mainly just to prove something to myself. I don't even know where it is now, haven't seen it in at least 3 decades.
  13. I would have graduated
  14. Stopped playing video games, started eating more and workingout, focus just on basketball and school. What I would do if I could. Sent from The Gods.
  15. Probably wouldn't have done stupid shit like skipping class to hang out at my boyfriends house and smoking weed in the school bathroom
  16. If I didn't spend my whole high school career fuckin lit, I would've played sports (and not quit) and put a hell of a lot more effort into my schoolwork
  17. not do so many drugs
  18. I would not get arrested....twice....and expelled....twice...from 2 different schools....and pay the hell attention in my classes and taken some more math courses.....i fucked HS up so bad. i barely even remember senior year i was on so much shit all the time
  19. I would have taken a 2nd shit in my AP Chemistry teacher's desk.
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    i would have fucked like every girl i knew
    they were sending me so many signals that i was oblivious to back then
    if i can go back. i would:
    1. care more,
    2. be more involved
    3. make more friends
    4. smoke more weed

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