If you could go back, anywhere, any time...

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  1. If you had a time machine or some such magical shit, and could go to any place on this earth, at any time in history, to witness any one event or see any one thing...what would you do, and where would you go, at what time?

    If I had my pick, I'd go back to the spring of 1689, before Henry Kelsey made his expedition, and traverse the middle of the North American continent to the great falls of the Missouri River, and meet the First Nations and see the splendour of nature in its infancy.

    What would you do? Go!!!
  2. i would go to the future but since you said past i guess i would go to a former superbowl and bet all my money witht he exact score. of course i would be right, and i would clean house and be rich. then i would spend it all on weed and be poor...but high :smoke:
  3. id film the dinasaurs getting extinct and then youtube it and become famous
  4. everyone would just say its fake and post all those troll pictures
  5. lol poor but high, good responses...and holy shit caster, post #420 :eek:
  6. I would go to the 50s. I love Doo-wop music and how clean cut everyone was.
  7. UFO Club, Soft Machine, 1966
  8. I'd travel back to the 70's when LSD was actually good!
  9. i didnt even think of this but i would travel to roswell, new mexico the date of the alien crash or whatever it was. of course i can land anywhere in my timemachine, so i would land right next to the aliens
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    Haha I was going to say that it would be sick to see what happened that day
  11. I'd visit some dinosaurs
  12. Go back to the Reniscance age, and smack the piss out of King Arthur or changing up my table shapes. I only like squares. I don't fucking like circles.
  13. i would go back to the late 1800's and be a cowboy in the west
  14. Dinoaurs

    Wild West times

    Or go back just before Bill Gates was going to develop Microsoft and offer an investment for a profit return.
  15. Way too many choices. See an epic battle where 100,000 people are dying in front of you, see the hanging gardens, witness Germany's third Reich, The original Olympics, the roman colosseum during a water battle, Woodstock 1968, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles

    Simply too much epic shit to pick just one
  16. Save JFK'S life, and make him knight me. I would be the first American Knght.
  17. Win the Mega Lotto
    Go back far enough to see how earth was really made.
    Fix the music industry
  18. Maybe I'm too peaceably baked, but among your choices would be seeing 100k people killed in battle? Dude..lol that's fucked

    Better bring some kevlar back with you
  19. I'd go back to the 70's and I would want to see, or maybe even be apart of.. I don't know, the Manson murders. I think he is such an interesting and twisted person. I want to know his ways, why he thought the way he did, why he chose certain people to be his followers. I want to know everything haha

    Sorry.. I'm going to school to be a Criminal Psychologist so this shit is so fascinating.
  20. Victorian age, dinosauric age, or the summer of love.

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