If you could choose a drug to be on for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Etard12345, May 28, 2008.

  1. Hello!

    lets say there is a drug you could be on forever until the day you die with no bad side effects.

    what would it be?

    For me i would choose ecstasy and maybe marijuana.

    how about you?
  2. with no bad side effects at all? including addiction?

    crack cocaine. i heard that shit is fun as hell.

    People would think your crazy, but you would be having the time of your life
  3. Bud, Coke and Ecstasy

    Sorry, couldn't chose just one.

  4. Marijuana would do it for me. :)
  5. I would like to do DMT, even though there is no addiction potential and side affects, i just wouldn't want to have bad trip. So basically a constantly awsome DMT trip.
  6. I suppose if the rest of my life was on the deathbed, I'd go with opium. Try to overdose and fall asleep, never to wake up again...

    But if I did wake up, I'd just try it again. :)
  7. Hmm... probably meth (the one drug I'd never try in the real world). .You'd get a lot of shit done, that's for sure...
  8. Hmm I gotta pick 3, coke, acid, bud
  9. Too easy...Alcohol.

  10. Interesting... I had forgotten that one.
  11. Weed man,definitely weed.
  12. hydrocodone and dank!
  13. oxycontin for the win !!! and xanax bars =D
  14. aw cmon, ide shoot up so many speed balls :) that or take enough acid to kill an elephant, acid or mescaline, maybe i could do hits of trip balls. make up my own form of drug, heroin mixed with acid... sounds intense :D
  15. sometimes its nice to be sober...
  16. ecstasy all the way!:D
  17. probably the feeling i get when i smoke weed coming up on mushrooms. .

    make my have that type of body high foreva!!

  18. ppfffffffttt... amatuer.... ya just hook up an iv so don't don't blow out any veins...... hahaha....

    i'd have to agree though, if there were no ill side effects or even better yet, no negative consequences.... life would be dope or a speed ball...... though,i've endured to many negatives too even contemplate that as a reality now a days.

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