if you could bring one music artist back to life

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  1. who would you choose?

    of course im down wit biggie..
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    Brad Nowell, without a doubt.
  3. tough one, though i guess i would have to say...

    hank sr
  4. Jaco Pastorious
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    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Bob Marley yet, not that I disagree with anyone's choices so far.

    For me personally, it's either Bob, Brad Nowell, or Jimi Hendrix
  7. Dimebag Darrell baby.
  8. I don't even like metal that much, but that guy could fucking shred.

  9. Jim morrison
  10. um. Bob Fucking Marley. shiiiiiiiiiiit
  11. Agreed, I'd bring back the Walrus.
  12. frank Zappa.
  13. I'm with the OP when I say The Notorious B.I.G.

    I love Marley and Hendrix, but Biggies stuff was revolutionary in the rap genre and it is still some of the best rap out there, even today. He was about 10 years ahead of his time with his rap lyrics and style, and sort of made the shift into what the genre is today.
  14. Hendrix.....
  15. Marley or Hendrix
  16. I'd say Bach, but he'd just kill himself after hearing what most people are listening to.
  17. Christopher Wallace AKA Notorious BIG.
  18. The Notorious BIG

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