If you could be an animal...

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  1. I'd be a narwhal. Because narwhals are cool. Only I'd live in a big ass water bottle bong!
  2. I'd be a human, and I'd smoke water bongs.
  3. Fucking bald eagle man.

    I'd swoop down and steal small children.
  4. an elephant or a panda :smoke:
  5. Lion or any big cat really or a hawk or some bad ass fast flying bird
  6. Probably a toucan.

    I just can't justify anything else.
  7. A hawk! I want that freedom that only birds get to have.
  8. Bald Eagle. I'd steal lawn gnomes and gain a reputation.
  9. I'd probably be a troll...oh wait, I'm one of those already.
  10. A polar bear D;
  11. A fucking wolf. Coolest animals in the whole world.
  12. I would be a lion as well. But I always pick that animal because I'm a Leo haha.
  13. Oh shit me too!
  14. Damn really! Thats cool, your the second Leo I know on here now. Haha :cool:
  15. Id be a cheetah, on account of my insatiable cheesy and coolness.
  16. I'd be one of my family's dogs.

    Those lucky bastards live the best lives animals can live.
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    A wolf, lion, or a hawk. I'm a sexy beast, chea baby, chea.
  18. I'd be a killer whale
  19. Earthworm jim

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